1. Terrapinzflyer
    Myanmar: 14,086.52 acres of poppy plantations destroyed

    NAY PYI TAW, 15 March - Up to 6 March 2010 during the poppy cultivation season in 2009- 2010, a total of 13,742.39 acres of poppy fields were destroyed in States and Divisions.

    From 7 to 12 March, a total of 344.13 more acres of poppy plantations were destroyed in States and Divisions. Therefore, total acres of destroyed poppy plantation amounted to 14,086.52 acres. Among them, 77.5 acres of poppy were destroyed in Mantung, Kutkai and Namhkam townships in Shan State (North), 70.46 acres in Pekhon and Nyaungshwe townships of Shan State (South), 109.05 acres in Monghsat, Metmung, Mongkhat, Kengtung, Mongyawng, Mongton, Mongphyat and Tachilek townships in Shan State (East) and 87.12 acres in Phakant, Waingmaw, Chipwe and Mohnyin townships in Kachin State.

    Source: Government of Myanmar
    Date: 15 Mar 2010


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