Pot photo leads to arrest

By bewilderment · May 13, 2006 · ·
  1. bewilderment
    (CBS) PLACER COUNTY, Calif A photo posted on showing a Placer County high school student smoking marijuana has led to his arrest on numerous felony charges including intention to make destructive devices.

    Placer County Sheriff's deputies arrested 18-year-old Del Oro High student Daniel Blanchard on Friday May 5th. The investigation into Blanchard started after the Placer County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Berry saw a picture of Blanchard smoking a "bong" on

    Berry is the School Resource Officer assigned to Del Oro High. The Placer County Sheriff's department says when Berry question Blanchard about the photo, Blanchard admitted to smoking pot.

    Berry then searched Blanchard’s backpack and found marijuana, hashish and a marijuana pipe. A search of Blanchard’s car revealed more hashish and marijuana, compact digital scales, packaging materials, bongs, 4 knives, over a dozen hypodermic syringes, gun powder and potassium nitrate. When deputies searched Blanchard’s bedroom they say they found more chemicals used in bomb making and several printed materials on making bombs, including the Anarchist’s Cookbook.

    Blanchard was arrest on four felony and one misdemeanor charge and booked at the Placer County Jail. Blanchard's $150,000 bail was posted and he was released on May 6.

    Blanchard’s arraignment is scheduled for May 24th.


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  1. StigmataLectron
    What a dumb kid. I don't know if he could refuse to have his backpack searched, but his room and his car were definitely protected. Hell, he's 18 - he could have legally walked away from the school once they demanded to search him. Recite these lines several times, and never end up with Blanchard's fate:

    "No sir, this is actually a picture of me smoking tobacco out of a water pipe," and,

    "No officer, I don't consent to a search of my backpack, car, or bedroom."
  2. Micklemouse
    Don't know how things work over the pond, but here if you refuse a search, the police will just get a warrant and do it anyway. In fact the polis usually aren't so polite as to ask first if there is any suspicion, they'll get a warrant first and do the search anyway if they have enough suspicion of wrong doing, or have nothing better to do...

    What's really dumb is being in possession of those sorts of materials, taking them to school, and having a potentially incriminating photograph on the interweb, especially while he's at a school with an in-house oinker. A Drugs-Forum Darwin Award to this boy I think...

    Lesson learnt - self-incrimination on the internet can indeed ruin your day. Play safe kittlings!
  3. bewilderment
    Yeah, it was stupid of him to have posted the pic to the net when there could possibly be an on-school cop keeping tabs on the myspacers at that school. I think that even if he'd said he'd been smoking tobacco out of the pipe the school-cop would've still searched his backpack (I know that at times there would be random searches with drug dogs sniffing at backpacks at my old high school) and if the car was on school grounds then those are usually game as well from what I recall from my high school days. Then, they would have enough evidence to go ahead with the room search. But, admitting to an officer that you smoke pot while you know that you have such materials in your possession? That's more than stupid.
  4. izzy31
    I think it's stupid to waste time on something like that when millions of other people do the exact same thing without even blinking an eye.

    I can imagine how pissed and confused the kid is right now, and yeah, I'd feel pretty pissed and confused if I was singled out like that.

    Needless to say, I can almost garantee you that something bad is gonna happen to that rat - I've met several people who report every little thing they see that isn't to their liking. LOL, the psychology behind it is very complex and puzzling when you're wondering if they actually believe everyone should live their life according to another persons demands or if its a religous thing and by reporting any type of situation is what saves you from eternity in hell, but whatever their point is, I would advise anyone with spare time like that to gain a hobby.
  5. Riconoen {UGC}
    Maybe us swimmers chould have a gallery of idiots who brought the law upon themselves for doing everything at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  6. Beeker
    Lol! the Anarchist’s Cookbook is the lamest book ever created for ANY terrorist task or drug operation. Yet there it is! Always listed and video'ed by the news.

    Black cover! omg! Make LSD from Seeds!! Grow weed in the worst way possible! Look out! Kid might pack a pipe with GUNPOWDER!!!

    RUUUUUUUUN!!! :rolleyes:

    back on topic ... better for the kid to learn young that posting drug shyt into public areas like Myspace is -
    It would really suck if his 18th Birthday was, like, last week.

    "I'm a dumb ass!"

  7. SPWIM
    All it needed was for him to blow himself up with the gunpowder and get a darwin award.
  8. monkeygone2heaven
    honestly, there has to be more to this like conservative small town, people complaining, baptist cops etc... swim knows countless people in the US on myspace not just posting pictures but writing continuing blogs about drug use and noone cares beacse they're adults in southern CA which one are you going to go after... what it comes down to is you can always say you were "experimenting with the border between fiction and non-fiction" or something... keep swimming....
  9. Cakes
    it's easy to see how a school security officer would come to be checking on what the kids in his school are doing. and myspace has been in the news as "the place kids hang out" so yah, he'd check there.

    and it's easy to think that kids/people get themselves into these messes because they are 'dumb' but being inexperienced does not equal dumb. the ease with which people give out info is indicative of a few things and maybe primary here is the fact that they really don't feel like they're doing anything wrong. and that would be a good thing, because they aren't.

    i wonder what drugs the power mongering releases. and whether we could just give it to them in capsule form.
  10. Nagognog2
    Perhaps we should petition our respective communities to teach a new mandatory course in the schools. One designed to address this problem with kids being "dumb" and posting incriminating material on the internet. I mean - they already have the D.A.R.E. program to teach the lil' darlin's that a toke on a marijuana cigarette will lead them down a path to the mental-ward, jail, or cemetary. So what's wrong with these kids today? Posting photos showing they are using these vile, evil drugs? I know!

    The new course would be: Adults Are Out To Get You!

    It would show how when your parents ask to hear what you learned in school today, they don't want to pat you on the back and say 'good going!' No. They are looking for a reason to beat you up and put you in a Military School. A teacher doesn't want you to do homework to learn more - they want to analyize the paper for traces of cologne or perfume to indicate you might be thinking of having sex with another person and need to be sent to the psychologist. And any adult who asks how you are doing is not showing real concern - they want you to slip up and admit something so they can have you committed or locked-up in kiddie-jail until you're 21!

    Now let's get going to our local school-boards and get this plan going!

    Adults are out to get you, kid Bwahahahaha!
  11. Pinkavvy
    1. Myspace is evil.
    2. Posting pictures of swiy doing illegal activities on a website that Id's you is STUPID.
    3. Admiting it's marijuana rather than a legal smoking herb is STUPID.
    4. Going to a place where your person and car can be searched without warrent, for example a school, with drugs and bomb-making shit in it is STUPID.
  12. enquirewithin
    What's he doing? Shooting up explosives? Now that would get you @#@#[email protected]#$ up!:)
  13. Nicaine
    The kid is definitely a dumb-arse, but this sort of stupidity is encouraged by society these days. There are few remaining reasons why today's generations would know any better than to do what this guy did. A resource like this forum could be considered "extraordinary" and certainly not known to everyone.

    The kid deserves our pity rather than scorn (which should be heaped on society, not its victims).
  14. Benzeneringz
    that guy had the worst possible day a person could have. i mean, this poor idiot was obviously a legal trainwreck waiting to happen and it's worth pointing out, but the ultimate fact is that this kid had the WORST DAY YOU COULD POSSIBLY HAVE. Let me explain:

    If you're a student, and your backpack is confiscated and searched, it's a bad day. It's still a bad day even if you don't have anything illicit in your possession, because no one would ever be put in a good mood over this event taking place. Now, if you're a student with marijuana in your backpack and it's confiscated, the day becomes much worse. Generally it's going to be a bad day if your teacher touches your stash, period. But anyway, it would be just as rotten to be caught with a pipe as it would to be caught with marijuana. Probably even worse if you got caught with hash. These are the makings of a nightmare. I'm sure you can imagine how awful the day would be if your bag got snatched by a teacher and contained marijuana along with a pipe. But if your bag has hash, marijuana, and a pipe in it, words almost become difficult due the badness your day would become submerged in.

    But poor Danny B. makes even that day something to cherish. To sum it up, if your teacher finds marijuana, hash, more hash, more marijuana, equipment to measure and package the marijuana, multiple bongs, any number of knives, a dozen needles and gun powder.. the phrase "i'm fucked" sounds like the gentle coo of a baby.

    I know i'll take a moment to reflect on Daniel Blanchard: the boy who had the worst day in the world. serves him right for playing with bombs or whatnot.
  15. Donmeka
    sounds like a great childrens book LOL
  16. =Mobius=
    MYSPACE no thanks ! But I'm always interested in those social highschoolactivities where all those teenies show their b00bies and b'tts. Is it possible that this is a new trend, something like those famous social networks.

    MYSPACE indeed I have some links to the Nicest Places, if I would define Nicest Places i'd suggest you let your imagination go.

    Concerning those "dumpstersluts-scenarious" welcome in the real world, at that age they are filming themselves in group and "share their knowledge" in the Spaces.

    Back to that kid : I'd say no hypocrite talk because the law is the law and he should know tho mention about following facts :cool:

    They hacked for the 5th time my Space, Officer they don't leave me alone, every picture which is uploaded is defaced so that everyone beleaves that it's my "real picture", now I want to press charges against those crackers because last week they made a background with the title "Welcome i'm the King of High Meth" join my space...

    Dear officer this time the picture is still online but usually they send from my account some mails with every evidence in it.

    I suggest, now that you are here as legal witness that we contact the admin of the HighSchoolServer. Because nobody believes me, exept one person who contacted me with some security advice against webpage-defacing. It seems to be a cheap trick. The person concerned showed me a link in Amsterdam on where he did some xss-exploits and suddenly my picture was on that site with the title above my pic : Hello, this is my first visit and I wanna ***4free so send me some adresses to webmaster+adress{at} or I'll inject some real nasty stuff on this site.

    And he signed with his nick. So wouldn't it be usefull, Dear Officer, to do a forensic investigation on al cliënts on the campus. :eek:

    I think Mr. Officer will suddenly in a hurry :D
    perhaps a workaholic will say yes to this Amazing Counterstrike from a smart boy with decent education.

    But please if you are afraid of uniforms and they make you nervous well let all your stuff at home and grow up first, hoping that there are still enough working braincells thill then.

    And NEVER, NEVER admit anything, certainly not if you're "under influence" and/or "have sth. to hide". As long that you say no they have to keep their hands of you untill they have aquired a legal search-warrant (correct me if'm wrong about us federal legislation)

    ---------------------> And no this is not science-fiction.
  17. ~lostgurl~
    Actually thats a pretty good idea, they teach safe sex, and more school students are using computers than having sex. Not only do they need to be taught about self incrimination, but also about protection from online predators, making sure that they dont post address/ph number, and how to deal with online bullies as I've read a bit in the news lately about kids getting totally harassed online and on cell phones. (usually kids from the same school) There are a lot of risks online for teenagers who think they know it all.
  18. =Mobius=
    I think ~lostgurl~ knows what she is talking about and surely knows to use the words "online predators" in the right context.
    If you read this article published on the net 04.03.2007 one can read what I also wanted to make clear in my sarcastic/parody post above.
    ----------> It's reality and no fiction, beware of what kids are doing, or even what pedofiles like kids to do in front of a webcam. :mad:

    MySpace con men put on PC probation

    It never ceases to amaze me how far people will go to get money out of big business. Take the story of Shaun Harrison, 19, and Saverio Mondelli, 20, of New York, who tried to extort $150,000 from the social networking site, MySpace.
    Straight out of high school, the two set up a business which offered code that tracked users who visited a MySpace page. The code which they sold for $30 on their website,, would collect personal information, e-mail contacts, and IP addresses; using this data, one could potentially find further information such as a individual’s address or telephone number.
    After a year of operation, Mondelli and Harrison claimed to have over 85,000 registered users of their tracking program. MySpace had recently contacted the two with a notice to cease and desist; however, the N.Y. lads told MySpace that “they would not cease and they would not desist, and they were developing a new tracker they could not block,” said Jeffrey McGrath, deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County.
    The two men decided to reach an agreement with Myspace; the deal was to offer a “consulting service” to Myspace for $150,000 and, in addition, they would no longer offer the tracking service to their customers.
    To their surprise, MySpace agreed; however, it was only part of an undercover sting run by Los Angeles District attorney investigators and the Secret Service.
    In May of 2006, the two took flight to L.A. to collect their $150,000, but ended up being arrested by undercover agents instead.
    “With this particular case, the nature of the actions caused MySpace a lot of concerns,” says Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Fairtlough. “The individuals were young, but this was a sophisticated attack.”
    Harrison and Mondelli pleaded no contest to the charge of unauthorized computer access on Monday; two counts of attempted extortion and another unauthorized access charge were dropped, according to L.A. district attorney McGrath.
    The court mandated that the two men pay restitution of $13,500 to Myspace, and serve 160 hours of community service. In addition, they will not be allowed more than 1 e-mail address, they cannot sell identifying programs, and they must run monitoring software on their machines.
    Hemanshu Nigam, chief security officer for MySpace, said, “We are pleased with outcome of this case and hope that it sends a message to anyone thinking about causing harm to the MySpace community.”

    published on 04/03/2007 on the net
  19. CRUNK
    My question is; what the hell is a deputy doing on myspace? They must be bored or something if they are going after people on myspace.
  20. Nagognog2
    Several police departments across the USA have contracted with the FBI to post "computer-crime" officers full-time on the net. This was explained as needed to combat online predators leaping out of cyber hedge-rows and raping the gravy out of Buddy & Sis. Naturally - this has branched out to include drugs. So the kid who got popped may have been caught by some zealot with a badge in Hudson, New Hampshire (one of the full-time nests).

    My city had a computer-cop. He also ran the sex-offenders division. In fact - he WAS the sex-offenders division. His career came to a screeching halt when he arrested a prominent local photographer for taking pictures of naked babies on a bear-skin rug. Charged him with child-pornography. It became clear it was time to re-assign officer Diddlesworth to other tasks. Like painting parking-meters. The sex-offenders division was absorbed into general police functions and the office space given to Human Services.
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