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N.J. medical marijuana law deadline to be delayed to next year

  1. Pringles
    TRENTON — The State Senate has passed a bill that would extend the deadline to roll out New Jersey's medical marijuana program to early January.

    The bill gives Gov. Chris Christie’s administration 90 more days for the program to begin. When former Gov. Jon Corzine first signed the law in January, the deadline was October 1.

    The bill passed 27-5. The Assembly is expected to take it up later today.

    “While the governor’s office requested up to a year delay, another 90 days is a reasonable compromise,” said state Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), the medical marijuana bill’s sponsor. “But let me be clear, I expect the administration to move expeditiously to complete its work by the new deadline.

    Too many people suffering with severe and debilitating illnesses, some of them terminal, have already waited too long.”

    Matt Friedman/Statehouse Bureau

    June 28, 2010




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