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  1. highganja99
    I attended my first NA meeting, it was very interesting, I don't feel disclosing too specifically what goes on in the group session is appropriate but the overall feel I had about it was it is set out like a church service in some ways but with group sharing. It was very different to what I expected in many ways, It gave me a respect for NA compared to what I expected from television and films, portraying "therapy groups" it was quite interesting that the only step I remembered was being discussed that session which was quite an eye opener. Everyone was friendly and respectful and there seemed to be a good cross section of different people attending, I was welcomed very warmly and everyone credits the meet ups with keeping them on track. I'm going back again because I'm intrigued more than anything else about how NA does things. I've been given contact data if necessary and a lot of encouragement to go back.


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