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Naked brothers high on mushrooms terrorized apartment complex, police say.

  1. detoxin momma

    INDIANAPOLIS - Two brothers took magic mushrooms, got naked and then caused havoc around an Indianapolis apartment complex Sunday, according to court documents.

    Noah Batz, 24, and Timothy Batz, 21, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a combined 17 charges including public nudity, battery and resisting arrest, according to WXIN.

    “We knew it was something beyond just being drunk or high ... it was something heavy duty. Not a good batch of whatever he got," said witness Aimee Payton, who also recorded parts of the ordeal at the Lighthouse Landings Apartments on the city's south side.

    According to court documents, one neighbor came outside her apartment to find the men naked and on top of each other. She told police they yelled, "Look at us, look at us."

    As she walked to her car, Payton says Noah Batz ran after her and punched her in the face.

    "He was extremely aggressive and then to hear later he punched somebody, it wasn't surprising with how agitated he was and he continued to get more and more agitated," Payton said.

    The brothers are also accused of threatening to kill the apartment complex's assistant manager. She told police she went to tell other residents to stay away from the two men and, when she did, one brother began banging on her car screaming, "I'll kill you."

    She also told police she saw the brothers, "grab onto each other's head and passionately begin making out with one another in front of the dumpster," according to court documents.

    Several other neighbors told police the men had damaged their cars. They are accused of breaking into several open vehicles, getting inside and damaging items and getting blood on the seats.

    “It’s frustrating. It’s not the type of neighborhood we live in," Payton said. "A lot of us are working professionals and so we all work hard for our stuff and to someone tripping out and going around doing dirty stuff is kind of frustrating.”

    The Batz brothers are due back in court in May.

    photo: magic mushrooms.net

    Original Source

    Written by: Tribune media, Mar 8, 2017, naked brothers high on mushrooms terrorized apartment complex, police say., fox news/ tribune media


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