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Naked Man on Bath Salts Was Making Out With a U-Haul Steering Wheel and a Cop Car

  1. Phungushead
    The Tempe Police Department was probably not messing around Wendesday when it issued a public warning about the chemicals known as "bath salts."

    After finding 23-year-old Sean-Paul Branscome slamming himself against walls and jogging around a Tempe neighborhood in the nude on Sunday after admittedly ingesting bath salts, the cops responded to another naked-man-on-bath-salts incident just two days later.

    This time, police say it was Michael Hurtado admitting to using bath salts. Naturally, that admission only came after police say he crashed his truck, then got "fully naked," hopped in someone else's U-Haul truck, and started making out with the steering wheel.

    According to court documents obtained by New Times, Hurtado, 21, crashed his Chevy truck into a parking garage gate at the Vue in Tempe, an apartment building that's mostly filled with students from the nearby Arizona State University.

    Police heard from a witness that Hurtado got out of his truck -- "fully naked" -- and hopped into an unlocked U-Haul truck that was in the parking lot.

    The cops showed up and found just that, as Hurtado had locked himself inside the truck, according to the documents.

    Police say Hurtado "was acting irrationally and rambling on about things that didn't make sense while kissing the steering wheel of the U-Haul."

    When Hurtado was arrested and placed in the back of the police car, he started making out with the cage in the car too, according to the documents.

    The officer writes that Hurtado later admitted to taking bath salts, and was taken to St. Luke's Hospital before being cleared and booked into jail.

    Both the Vue and the renter of the U-Haul truck were willing to aid in prosecution against Hurtado, according to the documents.

    Court documents note that a DUI charge is pending against Hurtado, who's an ASU student.

    His bond was set at $1,800.

    According to Hurtado's Facebook page, he also told his friends that he "went crazy" in late 2010 after sampling "some codeine, then trees, then salvia."

    According to Hurtado's post, he'd "never been that fukked (sic) up."

    Jul. 20 2012

    Matthew Hendley


  1. hookedonhelping
    Making out with a Uhaul steering wheel is pretty gross... All those sweaty movers not washing their hands.. Probably more harmful biologically than the "bath salts".

    Still can't believe these stimulants are making people behave like this.. Good find!
  2. nousername
    Is there some bath salts that have some Psycho mystery ingredient?

    Or is the mystery ingredient the user of said substance?

    What is with these people? Crazy people should stay off drugs completely because they ruin it for everybody.
    At least he didn't get hungry.
  3. nigh
    "Bath salts" is not one substance, but rather they're generally made up of one or more unregulated substituted cathinones that have varying effects. There really can't be a mystery ingredient if you don't know what's in them to begin with.
  4. pallmalllord
    Why do I always see naked man and bath salts in the same sentence? You would think by now that people would stay away from these products because you have no idea how much you are ingesting or what.
  5. Solinari
    I thought the term "Bath Salts" was a street name for MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) but after clicking on the link here I realise now that is a gimmick they use to sell the stuff as actual bath salts like when they sold methadrone as "plant food" only it never caught on the way this has because of all the stories related to it I suppose.

    Sounds like it's sending people in to delirium or stimulant psychosis but as far as I know the former usually happens after prolonged use, something anyway like that anyway because it certainly doesn't sound like a hallucinogen to me. Actually it reminds me of the stories I heard many years ago about how taking lots of largactil (Chlorpromazine) or amitriptyline caused delirium only without any apparent sedation, opposite in fact it seems. Stories of people trying to put a pair of shoes over another or putting jam on a tea towel, just silly things like that no cannibalism or anything completely mental.
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