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Naked Man On Embalming Fluid Screams 'SURFBOARD' Beyonce Style

  1. Rob Cypher
    This man definitely woke up in the kitchen sayin' how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby.

    Witnesses on a busy Houston street say a man high on embalming fluid stripped naked and started screaming "surfoard" and "doing the Beyonce" while dancing, KHOU reports. Onlookers -- including small children -- can be seen in a video taken Thursday at 12:30 p.m. trying to subdue and cover up the man.

    One woman, who claimed she's the unidentified man's cousin, was horrified.

    "That’s embarrassing. He’s in the middle of the street," she says in the video. "Something is going on with him, evidently, because he never did that before."

    She said the man stayed up all night getting high on embalming fluid, according to the New York Daily News. Police later took the man to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. It's unclear whether he faces charges.

    (video embedded at link)

    Andy Campbell
    Huffington Post
    May 10, 2014



  1. MikePatton
    Emblaming fluid, really? They couldn't bother to do a 2 minute Google search and identify this as a slang for PCP? Fucking lazy ignorant reporters, those idiots will cause people to consume actual emblaming fluid (formaldehyde) and die.
  2. -NotQuite-
    That's just above and beyond bizarre.

    It's PCP that makes you -- or at least it can -- act like a lunatic.

    irt this specific case - I'm glad I wasn't there, I need enough brain bleach already.
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