Naked teen goes on the rampage (Ireland)

By Lunar Loops · Jun 8, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    You're gonna just love this article from one of Irelands local papers....the fine art of creating a sensational story with no real research into the facts behind it. Unfortunately, this sort of view is widespread amongst the populous of rural Ireland don't need a fool like SWIM to point out the creativity involved here. The person involved was obviously stupid to go ahead and take 3 or 4 tabs of an unknown composition anyway. This from The Wexford People:

    Naked teen goes on the rampage
    Wednesday June 06 2007
    GARDAI in Wexford were confronted by a naked teenager covered in blood in an apparent LSD-fuelled rampage in Trinity Street early on Sunday night.
    He was going mad. He was completely out of control and threatening to kill people,' said a Garda spokesman.
    A Garda source said the man, who had taken three or four LSD tablets, was lucky to have survived. Despite his threats, he was the only person injured during the bizarre incident.
    Two of his friends are said by Gardaí to have taken smaller quantities of the hallucinogenic drug and also required hospital treatment after they were found by Gardaí semi-conscious at a house in William Street.
    They took a tablet each, he took three or four, he's lucky he didn't die,' said a Garda source.
    He said that after taking the drugs, the man went mad' and smashed several windows at the house in William Street, badly injuring himself, before running naked into the street.
    The man left a trail of blood in the Maxol Service Station in Trinity Street and smashed the window of a car before being subdued by Gardaí.
    It was the freakiest thing I ever saw,' said a Trinity Street resident who witnessed the bloody spectacle, which happened shortly before 8 p.m.
    People in the street were horrified. He was covered in blood from his neck down,' she said.
    The man, who was subdued by six guards wearing protective gloves was taken to hospital to calm down' and to recover.

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  1. enquirewithin
    Someone SWIM knew did run around naked, after shaving his head and pubic hair, as a result of a drug binge which included DOB! He didn't threaten anyone though.

    BTW, SWISH, can you include URLs with your news items?
  2. Alfa
    From which of Ire's fine papers was this? LSD tablets? uh oh. Doesn't sound like acid to me.
  3. lulz

    I'm only quoting one part of the story which is particularly representative, but while I was reading the whole thing I kept alternative between silently laughing and inhaling in shock. That ain't healthy
  4. lulz
    This was in Wexord mate. I know a guy who was down there in a Chinese restaurant one time when he saw a guy stab another guy in the face with a chopstick.
  5. fnord
    huh,lucky to survive off four hits of lsd?lol love the papers...
  6. podge
    Protective glove's are of course always essential in this kind of situation....we wouldnt want the gardai getting diry would we ?
  7. Trebor
    Right... ta se bollocks mor.
  8. Felonious Skunk
    Yeah...doesn't sound like acid.

    But in any event, it supports the argument for a sitter when engaging in psychedelic exploration. I mean, it's only the responsible thing to do, right?

    That and maybe using common sense by taking one instead of four when trying an unknown material for the first time.

    Wow. Common sense and responsibility. What weird concepts. But I guess normal folk just wouldn't understand the conceptual discoveries that boy was experiencing as he rampaged through town bloody naked and smashing windows. Aah, the price of enlightenment...
  9. Lunar Loops
    Yeah, the paper involved (as stated in first post) is The Wexford People. Some things are fact, i.e. the guy did run naked down the street covered in blood (a Sunday evening at around 20:00, bank holiday weekend). What he actually consumed is anybody's guess, but he was certainly foolish to take the number he did. How much alcohol was involved is another question entirely (the fact that his two friends were supposedly found semi-conscious after consuming one tab would certainly suggest alcohol had played a major part....and as for it being LSD, well, in all likeliehood, it probably wasn't). The rest of the report is sensational in the extreme, but people will read that and take it at face value..."the evils of drugs again".

    In answer to Enquirewithin, SWIS can include links to the sources of the stories if it is felt absolutely necessary. SWIS used to do this, but stopped doing so some time ago as he felt stating the source would be sufficient. Any thoughts on this anyone?

    Anyway, here's a link to that story:
  10. Lunar Loops
    Just in case anyone gets the wrong impression, Wexford is no worse (or better) than any other Irish town or city when it comes to such matters. Come closing time on a Friday and Saturday night in towns and cities across the land there are alcohol fuelled morons only to eager to resort to the language of violence.
  11. Nature Boy
    What an embarassing piece of journalism. SWIM might email that publication explaining their mistakes to them. LSD tablets, semi-conscious friends? Don't think so. I wonder what they took.
  12. enquirewithin
    Thanks. I think it's good to be able to check the original sometimes. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but it seems more complete that way-- and you can sometimes abbreviate the text a bit and refer back for the rest.;)
  13. Nacumen
    lol @ hospitalized kids 'lucky to be alive' after taking 1 hit of LSD
  14. Nagognog2
    Quick! Quick! Give him the Thorazine Enema!
  15. lulz
    Nothing against Wexford, in fact my mother is from the county. The guy who told me about the chopstick story said it happened in Gory though, and from what he told me it's on par with Limerick in terms of violence.
  16. Lunar Loops
    So tempting to say Gorey by name, Gorey by nature.....anyway, SWIS is not from Wexford either, but does have many relatives there. He reports that he does not find Gorey to be any worse than anywhere else (though it does get a bit 'lively' at weekends and especially bank holiday weekends with a large influx from elsewhere).

    Anyway....we digress.
  17. ♣ Tekken ♥

    Drinking as well, eh? Poor lad, poor lad... 4 tabs and booze is a good way to get into the mood for a blood soaked bit of mayhem and car smashing!
  18. ♣ Tekken ♥
    :D :D :D
  19. thomaspat
    HI! I thought you'd engage me with more of you're wisdom! tHAT WAS BRILLIANT !!! Write your story. Here is a name of true brilliance; Mr. William S.Burroughs. Kindness, XUXA
  20. fnord
    um what are you talking about?im confused.
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