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Nancy Grace: Legalizing marijuana for recreational use is a 'horrible idea'

  1. Rob Cypher
    When it comes to recreational marijuana, Nancy Grace is a bit of a buzz kill.

    The television personality paid a visit to CNN's Brooke Baldwin to speak about the legalization of pot in Colorado.

    Grace is not a fan of the law, telling Baldwin she thinks that legalizing marijuana for recreational use is a "horrible idea." Grace said that she wouldn't want anyone on pot to take care of her kids or drive a cab. She then went for the jugular, claiming that anyone who disagreed with her was "lethargic, sitting on the sofa, eating chips ... fat and lazy."

    Whoa. The gauntlet had been thrown down. The only question was whether or not pot enthusiasts could summon the will to get to a Web-enabled device and fire back.

    They did, and the humorous retorts did not disappoint.

    Steve Huff on Twitter pointed out that Colorado is actually the thinnest state in America.

    Even "God" chimed in with a bon mot:

    And someone on Twitter who goes by the handle "A _CookieMonster" wrote this:

    Mike Krumboltz
    Yahoo! News
    January 6, 2014



  1. PalomoJames7420
    She has a point that there are other ways to live,which I can definiitely understand. That being said when she says "people shoot each other and destroy families, etc., while on pot" does sound canned , like from reefer madness and other anti marijuana propaganda and is not strong and solid enough support for an argument against legalization.
  2. CannabisTobaccoAlcohol
    Her being legally allowed to be considered a source of news and trusted is a 'horrible idea'
  3. Beansy

    Fucking LOLS....!! Here in the UK this Bitch is regarded as nothing more than a shit stirring cauldron. All she gives a fuck about are veiwing figures & revenue for her Network.
  4. CannabisTobaccoAlcohol
    My favorite are the ones who say people die from cannabis and it causes severe memory loss or loss of brain function, then out comes a study from spain claiming cannabis can help heal the brain or whatever it was that study exactly claimed.
  5. mystix36
    LOL. I saw that video. I want to know where all these pot smokers are.... who are shooting or stabbing each other? I'd say they only exist in her imagination.
  6. Alcoholocaust77
    Nancy Grace is probably the stupidest bitch on the planet. I'd compare her to pond scum, but I'd feel like I'm insulting pond scum by doing so.
  7. PalomoJames7420
    Lets just say I have lost respect for that bitch and her mushroom hairdo after seeing that video.
  8. CannabisTobaccoAlcohol
    What it really boils down to is that not one single person payed to tell the news is going to tell any truth, they are payed to present the image of the world through the narrow lens that the people in charge want us to see, a narrow tunnel vision perspective of the world.

    They portray the average man and woman as nothing more then cattle destined to be lead like a herd. They also portray anyone associated with drugs as a vagabond or some sort of dreg of society. Then they portray the government as this mighty force for the good of mankind, as an institution of justice and fairness and (laughably) freedom, Freedom is just an illusion and as long as we are ruled it will forever remain nothing more then an illusion of freedom.

    Those who believe they are free are the most hopelessly enslaved. We truly do live in a matrix of some sort, a psychological matrix, where anyone who does not fit into the status quo is demonized and attacked because they are a threat to the establishment.
  9. Joe-(5-HTP)
    So if people want to be fat and lazy and lethargic.. we should put them in prison?

    Even if she was RIGHT that this was the effect of cannabis, what the fuck is this argument?
  10. CannabisTobaccoAlcohol

    According to Nazi's like her, what you do to your body is the governments business, not yours.

    What a world we live in, our own bodies aren't ours, our bodies are property of the government and we have a lease on our bodies, only when we check out do we truly become free. From birth to death we are told what we can and can't consume or smoke.
  11. Dextronautical
    While it would make a good movie, I don't think that's entirely true. Yes, most news organisations are incredibly biased, but they don't have some enslave-the-human-cattle agenda, it's just that they have a political side. Nancy Grace is more conservative, her viewers are conservative and so she must represent THEIR viewpoints, or else they'd go elsewhere. It's standard of them to be against the legalisation of pot because that's too lefty-liberal and they profoundly misunderstand narcotics from both cultural and scientific standpoints. But really, my point is, the news isn't entirely to blame. It's the people that feed them with views that are the problem. They might give a distorted lens-view of the world, but if no one looked through it then they wouldn't bother having it. It's like redvines. Redvines are horrible. I don't know anyone that likes them, but SOMEONE must buy them. There isn't an agenda to diet us on disgusting redvines, it's just that there's a market and they want to profit from it. If noone bought redvines, redvines would not exist. Do you know what I mean?

    anyways, more on topic. I just feel bad for her. I mean, she's just speaking entirely from ignorance, and one day she might learn something and realise how closed minded she's been. That would be one hell of a mindjob. 'Course if she changes her stance she loses her job, so we'd never know about it anyway.
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