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Narcotics Officer's Raid Wrong House

By buckcamp, Jul 29, 2010 | |
  1. buckcamp
    Officers Eventually Find Right Home, Confiscate $300,000 In Drugs.
    SAN ANTONIO -- The Bexar County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit recovered more than 300 grams of black tar heroin Tuesday night, along with more than $9,000 in cash from a suspected gang-affiliated drug trafficker on the west side.
    That's half the story.

    Before narcotics officers arrested 23-year-old Orlando Cuevas in a home in the 100 Block of Meadow Bend, they knocked on the door of a home a block away.

    The home's owner, who asked to be referenced only by his first name, Adrian, said an officer demanded he open the door and identify himself. Adrian initially refused, but relented after he said the officer threatened to kick down the door.

    Once inside, Adrian said, the officer pushed his wife against the kitchen table and threatened to arrest both of them if they did not produce identification. It wasn't until the officer ran their licenses that he realized he had the wrong house.

    "We had nothing to hide. Nothing. We did not do anything wrong. We were just basically victims," said Adrian. "If they're professionals at their level, they should have made sure if they had surveillance or anything on this guy, they would have actually had the right address."

    Adrian said a sergeant came by the house later to apologize for the mistake.

    No one at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office was available Wednesday to comment on the incident, though the head of the narcotics unit, Lt. Tammy Burr, admitted over the phone her officers made a mistake.

    Simon Gutierrez, KSAT 12 News Reporter


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