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NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is Fighting Aginst His Suspension Over Methamphetamine

By whitenoise · Oct 6, 2009 · Updated Oct 6, 2009 · ·
  1. whitenoise
    Jeremy Mayfield is looking into hiring celebrity attorney Mark Geragos to represent him in his legal case against NASCAR over his suspension for allegedly violating the sanctioning body’s substance-abuse policy.
    Geragos is a well-known California attorney who has defended pop star Michael Jackson and convicted murderer Scott Peterson. His firm would replace the firm run by high-profile Charlotte, N.C., attorney Bill Diehl as Mayfield’s counsel.

    Geragos did not confirm nor deny his hiring by Mayfield in an e-mail Friday to NASCAR Scene responding to a question about whether he was representing Mayfield, saying only that he was traveling. But he did confirm his interest in the case to the Associated Press on Friday night, saying that he is the final stages of being hired by Mayfield.

    Mayfield has sued NASCAR for suspending him for a May 1 drug test that it says was positive for methamphetamines but which Mayfield claims produced a false positive reading as the result of the prescription drug Adderall, which is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and over-the-counter allergy medication Claritin-D.

    Mayfield has denied using methamphetamines several times, while NASCAR has produced affidavits of acquaintances and relatives alleging methamphetamine use. If the case is not settled, a trial could come next September.

    The case has taken several twists. Mayfield won an injunction July 1 to lift his suspension, but the U.S. Court of Appeals temporarily rescinded that injunction July 24 until a full appeal could be heard. The injunction appeal is tentatively scheduled for sometime Dec. 1-3. After Mayfield won the injunction, NASCAR obtained another urine sample from Mayfield on July 6 that NASCAR says also tested positive for methamphetamines.

    Mayfield has filed documentation from a test he said he took within an hour of the NASCAR test, and the independent sample was not positive for methamphetamines.

    NASCAR has countersued Mayfield for violating the agreement drivers sign with NASCAR to obtain their license. Part of that agreement includes following the terms of the substance-abuse policy, which requires drivers to inform NASCAR of changes in medication.

    Published at Sporting News
    By Bob Pockrass
    Friday, October 02, 2009


  1. whitenoise
    Re: NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is Fighting Aginst His Suspension Over Methamphetam

    I don't like NASCAR but the story intrigued me
  2. ninjaned
    Re: NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is Fighting Aginst His Suspension Over Methamphetam

    Hmm, drivers taking meth, never heard that one before.
  3. EscapeDummy
    Re: NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is Fighting Aginst His Suspension Over Methamphetam

    He's already taking adderall... honestly how different would it be if he was taking meth?
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