Nazis Took ‘Meth’ Pills To Stay Alert, Boost Endurance During World War II, Letters Reveal

By la fee brune · Jan 29, 2018 · ·
  1. la fee brune

    In an attempt to fuel its youthful but increasingly exhausted fighting force during World War II, the Nazis reportedly turned to addictive and potentially dangerous substances, including a form of what is known today as the illegal drug methamphetamine, currently a rising problem in Europe.

    This narcotic-fueled side of the Nazi war effort is illuminated in letters sent home by Nazi soldiers such as Heinrich Boll, a famous German author awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1972.

    While a soldier in his 20s, Boll wrote to his parents to beg for refills of a drug called Pervitin, an “alertness aid” that was actually an early form of crystal meth, according to German news outlet Der Spiegel. The drug was popularized in the 1930s by Berlin-based company Temmler Werke, and a Nazi officer then passed the compound — and its “miracle pill” reputation — along to the German front, which was soon flooded with millions of Pervitin tablets.

    The truth about the substance, however, is much less miraculous.

    Modern meth users initially experience an intensely pleasurable high and an energy surge, but this high becomes harder and harder to achieve over time. Meanwhile, the drug wreaks havoc on abusers’ psyche and brain functions, leading to anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, violent behavior, paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations and delusions.

    A 2005 report by Der Spiegel suggests that even as German leaders were pumping their foot soldiers full of the drug, some German doctors had reservations about it. The Reich’s minister of health, Leonardo Conti, reportedly attempted to curtail Previtin use, but had only limited success.

    These regulatory efforts could not have been helped much by the fact that Adolf Hitler himself was given daily injections of methamphetamine by his doctor from 1942 until his death in 1945, according to the BBC.

    Meanwhile, meth was not the only addictive substance used by Nazi troops to perform everyday duties. Alcohol abuse was also prevalent and even encouraged among the German military during the same time period, per Der Spiegel.

    Today, the popularity of crystal meth use is growing in Germany, and the drug’s prevalence increased significantly in 2012, reports The Local. Dr. Roland Härtel-Petri, an expert in addiction, psychiatry and psychotherapy, suggested it is easier for meth addicts to escape notice in Germany than it is in the U.S., where anti-drug campaigns use gripping images to publicize the horrifying damage addiction can do to the user’s teeth and body.

    The drug has also become an issue across the border in the Czech Republic, where it is cooked in small kitchen labs and has proved popular among partiers, according to the Prague Post. The two neighboring countries have vowed to crack down on the fast-spreading stimulant, according to The Local.

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    Written by: Meredith Bennett-Smith, Jun 4, 2013, Nazis Took ‘Meth’ Pills To Stay Alert, Boost Endurance During World War II, Letters Reveal, The Huffington Post
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  1. Reasonable
    "Insight into Nazi Military Meth March During WWII"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 6, 2018
    This article is a fascinating, historical, and educational look into WWII that most people would never expect! Read on to find out little known and detailed insights like:

    1. How Modern Germany's Crystal Methamphetamine problem today, was once Nazi Germany's "Pervitin" problem during Word War II.
    2. Which famous German Nobel Prize winning author wrote letters pleading with his parents to send him more Pervitin (It's probably not who you think it is!)
    3. Did Adolph Hitler really get daily injections of Methamphetamine from 1942 until the day he died in 1945, along with these ____ drugs or was it just his soldiers?

    Find out the answers to these 3 questions and much more when you read the article, Nazis Took ‘Meth’ Pills To Stay Alert, Boost Endurance During World War II, Letters Reveal.


  1. ladywolf2012
    The Nazis were not the only soldiers being fueled by meth during the war--the Allies used it too, but reportedly not to such a degree.

    Hitler was, in truth, a crazed drug addict. From another article: "Adolf Hitler was a drug-abusing hypochondriac with deformed genitals who regularly consumed a cocktail of amphetamines, bull semen, rat poison and morphine when he sent millions of innocent people to their death."

    I didn't believe all this when I first heard it about ten years ago, but I have since written several articles on the topic, so I have done a lot of research.

    It makes total sense--and how sad it was...
    1. DEJA
      Its true. Fat Goring had a few suitcases of codeine dihydrocodeine and morphine when the Allies found him.
      They had to withdraw him from all that and it took a year to so do.
    2. TheBigBadWolf
      In respect to Fat Reichsmarschall Göring's opiate dependency - it took about a quarter of a year in British custodial care and he was tapered down before kicking the habit fully.
      that made of course Marschall Göring lose quite a bit of his weight as everybody can see in the video footage of the Nuremberg war crime trials.
      At least he took his life before he would be executed with a sober head.
  2. JonnyBGoode
    There is a book called "Blitzed" which I've read and the whole thing is about the Nazis consumption of drugs. The entire army was taking 'Pervitin' which was a Methamphetamine tablet and also large numbers of people, both citizens and the military were taking Merck Pharmaceutical cocaine and also a drug called 'Eukodal' which was Oxycodone. Hitler was also taking Eukodal and large doses of cocaine, as well as lots of bizarre hormone shots and vitamin shots prepared by his incredibly odd and medically dubious private physician Dr Theo Morrell. The book is incredible it's very detailed and it goes into lots of detail about how the whole concept of Blitzkrieg warfare was powered by crystal meth as it meant soldiers and in particular pilots could stay up for days on end fighting without the need to sleep and rest.
  3. IamTerriffic1
    There is a documentary on Netflix called Nazi Secret Files that goes in depth on this very subject. I was surprised to find out that they were on drugs although it explained why Hitler progressfully went crazier and crazier as years went by.
    I wonder how did Hitler and his minions take this drug and was able to function and maintain any sense of normalcy (Well what they called normal) .We see ppl today who are on this drug now and they look and act like the walking dead.
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  4. Mick Mouse
    I don't believe it was methamphetamine. Rather, a product made by the reduction process called Biphetamine. I clearly recall a dream from long ago, in which a reduction process as described above led to the production of biphetamine, rather than methamphetamine. In this dream, the protagonist was arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine, but state testing showed no meth present, so charges had to be quickly amended. The individual in question always wondered how that happened, as they had never heard of biphetamine before, and just assumed a botched reaction. Research at that time indicated biphetamine was also known as Nazi Speed. Not saying meth was NOT made by the Nazi, simply that biphetamine was able to be produced under "battlefield" conditions quite easily.

    Also, and in reference to JonnyBGood's earlier post, This cocktail of cocaine and narcotics was extensively used by Nazi athletes, especially long-distance runners, in the Olympics of that time and administered by their team doktors.
    Again, not stating this as fact, just something I once read and researched long ago.
  5. Mick Mouse
    OK, A very quick internet search proves I was incorrect regarding Biphetamine. It was meth, distributed under the trade name pervitin. Now I have to try and find out where I came up with this assumption!. The dream was potentially real though.
  6. Mick Mouse
    Can't edit previous post, for some reason. Anyway, now we all know biphetamine as.....Adderall. A mix of amphetamine salts, but NOT meth. Sorry for the confusion, I obviously need to research old dreams more!
  7. ladywolf2012
    Interesting. Back in the sixties and seventies, we used to take black capsules called "Black Beauties" that I've just learned were actually strong doses of biphetamine. We considered them to be the top of the line of amphetamine products available at the time, and they made us way higher than Benzedrine or Dexedrine did.

    Searching around, I've also learned that amphetamine was first made in 1887 in Germany and methamphetamine, more potent and easy to make, was developed in Japan in 1919. The timing is such that they certainly could have been a major element in both World Wars. Interesting that they were developed by the Germans and the Japanese...
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  8. ladywolf2012
    So really, if we reframe all this a bit, Hitler's troops were acting like automatons because they were being given meth. They did not necessarily hate all Jews and buy into "Deutschland Uber Alles!"--they were scared young boys who were thrown into uniform and given a bunch of pills and told to march. The same with their superior officers: the whole damned war was fought on meth!

    It's overwhelming to me--I can't figure out how to process it.
  9. TheBigBadWolf
    It was pervitin the german troops received.
    Similar measures were taken on the allied side, too.
    to the case of Adolf Hitler read
    hitler's medical care - D.Doyle, thats stuff based on the journal books of Dr. Theo Morell, Hitler's personal Doctor.
  10. aemetha
    Drugs have been a part of enhancing warriors at war since even before an unnamed Viking berserkergang stood on Stanford bridge frothing at the mouth, high on amanita and alcohol and half naked cutting down scores of English soldiers. At least he knew what he was signing up for though.
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  11. mikib
    The Japanese Kamakaze pilots were loaded on Meth so as to complete there mission, realistically there was no way they would fly those suicide missions for the love of the Emperor alone and many were forced but non the less completed there missions with the help of Methamphetamine.
  12. Blackbeard_ the_chemist
    Hmmmm, interesting how the NatSoc supporters of today are staunchly antidrug. I too always wondered how this is, considering their respect and adoration for the Furher. I'm sure they (modern NatSoc) would insist the drugs were introduced much later in the war by (((them))) as a ploy to destroy the troops from within. If this is remotely true - it was a brilliant plan, that truly succeeded.
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