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By Cooki · Jan 10, 2010 · ·
  1. Cooki
    Swim asked me to document her journey, and so I pass on her thoughts verbatim....

    'K, so I'm not sure who this blog is for: me or you!
    I reckon it's about me, for me, at this stage. Since I can't quite put my thoughts in a coherent enough order for a detox journal thread yet, I'm thinking aloud here first.

    Today is my first day on a lofexidine prescription. Over the last 13 months, I've been on methadone maintenance, reducing from 42ml/mg. I'm now on 4.5ml and the end seems nigh.
    I'd planned to go into a 10 day detox programme in 4 days time, but the funding didn't come through in time, and now I'm prescribed lofexidine for a home detox. My doctor wants me to keep tapering very slowly- over 2-3 weeks- thinking this will reduce the severity of withdrawals and require less lofexidine to combat them. The strange thing is, I had hyped myself up to have most of the acute withdrawals over in the next two weeks-or at least STARTING in the next week!
    I've had a good day. I feel uncomfortable when I first wake up-it's difficult to sit still and I have cramps and chills. My dose is split into two; usually 2.1ml a.m and 2.4ml pm and because I'm trying to follow the doctor's instructions NOT to reduce until Monday when I have my blood pressure checked, I only took away 0.1ml from the evening dose!! Haha! I still can't decide exactly how to reduce, especially since we have different views on the way forward, and I don't yet know how successful the lofexidine will be in easing symptoms.
    I feel like I'm IN the detox process now though, and just hope those around me understand this, and therefore somehow will expect less of me. (i.e, accpet that I won't be doing anything unless it's for me!!).
    I took 4 lofexidine today, but because I've had an easy day anyway, I'm not sure if they made any difference- although i'm not expecting them to yet. I have some Phenergan, a few Zopiclone, some supplements and vitamins too, although I haven't used the sleeping aids yet-nor do i intend to. I'm okay for now.

    FMI: woke at 7.45, don't take medicine till past 8, bit of discomfort around mid-afternoon, but fall asleep for an hour. second dose taken at 6 as usual, although I do sometimes find myself counting down the time. 11pm and still doing fine.

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  1. rokman nash
    Keep it up, soon Swiy will reap the rewards.

    Good Thoughts:thumbsup:
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