Nelson and friends busted for pot, shrooms

By rodent · Sep 19, 2006 · ·
  1. rodent
    Farmer's friend Willie Nelson, who will sing out for Farm Aid at Camden's Tweeter Center on Sept. 30, ran into trouble with the law in Louisiana yesterday over some organic material, the Associated Press reports.

    Nelson and four others were on the road again, on Interstate 10 near Lafayette, La., when they received misdemeanor citations for possession of narcotic mushrooms and marijuana after the singer's tour bus was stopped for a commercial vehicle inspection, according to Louisiana state police.

    "When the door was opened and the trooper began to speak to the driver, he smelled the strong odor of marijuana," a state police news release said.

    A search of the bus yielded 11/2 pounds of weed and 0.2 pound of shrooms, according to state police.

    Nelson's publicist, Elaine Shock, told The Inquirer that Nelson still would perform in Camden.

    Also cited were Nelson's sister, Bobbie Nelson, 75, of Briarcliff, Texas; Tony Sizemore, 59, of St. Cloud, Fla.; Gates Moore, 54, of Austin, Texas; and David Anderson, 50, of Dallas.

    Each was released after being issued a citation.

    Nelson, 73, who founded the annual Farm Aid fund-raising concert in 1985, is scheduled to appear at this year's event with fellow Farm Aid board members Neil Young, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp.

    By Gene D'Alessandro
    Inquirer Staff Writer

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  1. Nagognog2
    Much of this is being made up in Vermont, where Willie Nelson appeared and spoke out in support of Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) who is running for senate. His opponent, Republikan Rich Tarrant - who is running a smear campaign against Sanders, is already yelling that Bernie is soft on drugs and would let pushers into the schools.
  2. N0ly
    and how many times has willie been busted? im pretty sure its happened before. now if it hadent been willie and it was just some regular guy you can bet there would have been felony charges put on it.
  3. HippieD9
    Ol Willie sure was packin! Can't even imagine what would happen if my band got pulled over with that much <shudders>
  4. Nature Boy
    Poor Willie. Leave the old man alone.
  5. rocco_blitz
    Yes poor Willie I mean how old is this guy and I hate to say that its cool for old timers like this to sample drugs of this magnitude,but he might lead the battle to push for decrimilazition of such stuff,swim thinks that Willie should be set free along with many many other drug offenders as the U.S.A. list it...The U.S.A. "s WAR ON DRUGS IS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING THEY WANT TO SINGLE OUT THE NORMAL HARD WORKING CITIZEN SUCH AS WILLIE AND MAKE A MEDIA FRENZY OF IT . Shit could you see a normal hard working American with these charges=JAILED FOR A LONG TIME> In swims state getting caught with pot 1 gram less of a 1/4 pound = a ticket,pre-pay one if its less than a 1/4 L.B. But on the other hand with shrooms = 10 yrs+ even on the first offence as swim as known some swiy"s in the past with this problem..Sorry folks but swim has been somewhat angry on the U.S. drug policy as has many others has felt since the campaine for the so-called WAR ON DRUGS has been very misleading and for the politician benefit of the states.......Well anyway good luck to ya Willie as Swim will be hoping for you ............................................
  6. Nagognog2
    Interesting that the ink hadn't dried on the citation he was issued before the Republikans in Vermont shoved it into the media spotlight - howling "Drug addicts support our opponent!" Makes you wonder...or does it?
  7. Each Hit
    i would imagine that at any given time, there is at least a 90% chance that willie nelson is in possession of some illegal substance.
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