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Neo Nazi Girl Group Cured of their Hate With Marijuana

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Last fall, we noticed that twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede, formerly of the White Power girl-pop band Prussian Blue, seemed to be espousing a more liberal and less cross burny ideology. What do we have to thank? Mary Jane. Pot, that is. Green gold. Vancouver tea.

    According to an interview with The Daily, the girls didn't start their careers on their own accord, nor did they really understand much of what they were singing. Their mother, April Gaede, tried to raise them to espouse her Neo Nazi views, which encompass hating basically everyone in the whole world- immigrants, "mud races," and especially The Jews. Prussian Blue performed to racist dickholes the world over, spending their early teen years appearing on alarmist TV newsmagazine segments, touring, making appearances, heading over to Europe. Serving as show ponies for their mother's hateful ideology didn't bode well for their health, mental or physical.

    Their time in the limelight subjected them to extraordinary stress, and appears to have contributed to severe health problems for both sisters. Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school and doctors removed a large tumor from her shoulder. Then she developed a rare condition called CVS, cyclic vomiting syndrome.

    Lamb has struggled as well. She suffers from scoliosis and chronic back pain, as well as lack of appetite and intense emotional stress. During several of our conversations, she burst into tears as she agonized about how to balance her love for her mother with her desire to let the world know that the girls have moved on.

    The girls were prescribed a smorgasbord of medical cures for their various maladies, but the only thing that worked for them was getting on board with the Magical Mystery Tour and trying medical marijuana.

    The girls say it changed their lives. They now enjoy painting things that pot smokers love painting (astrological themed images, but soon it will undoubtedly be the Grateful Dead dancing bears, or lines that swirl and swirl and swirl) and plan on going to college, where their medical marijuana cards and kindly dispositions will likely win them many friends. After college, they plan on continuing to advocate for marijuana legalization in all 50 states, so we can all just toke together in harmony and hold hands and sing and star at the fabric on the arm of this couch I'm sitting on. I never really looked at it, you know.

    Their mother doesn't believe the girls are yet old enough to realize what they're doing by eschewing their white power upbringing.

    But April, who is working to create an "intentional" white community in their area, called Pioneer Little Europe, also suspects her daughters' liberal turn may be a passing phase. "They're 19," she said. "I think when they have children of their own, they'll come to the same conclusions I have."

    Not if the doobies have anything to say about it, they won't.

    All joking aside, it's great the girls of defunct hateband Prussian Blue were able to move on and find their own brand of happiness and be able to achieve their dream of legalizing pot across America. If it can cure the girls who once sang

    Rudolph Hess, a man of Peace. He wouldn't give up he wouldn't cease,he gave his loyalty to our Cause. Remember him and give a pause

    of their racism, it can do just about anything.

    Erin Gloria Ryan


  1. Plasma
    This is very touching, I remember watching something on them years back and got the horrible feeling that they will grow up to be the same hateful person as their mother. It's amazing they have denounced the racism, through one of the most peaceful substances nonetheless. Thanks for finding this, it has uplifted my day.
  2. veritas.socal
    this is beautiful.
    "and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations"(revelations)
    this says so much more about this plant than it does about those girls. this flower can not only heal wounds, but like the other plant allies, it can open the mind and clear the veil of illusion from the third eye, if only for a fleeting moment. after a lifetime of conditioning, brainwashing,even...the sacred smoke allowed them to see thru the smokescreen of hatred and lies...
  3. C.D.rose
    Hmm, I personally don't think this is really that much about marijuana. I mean, it looks like medical marijuana helped them treat their diseases, which is great (!), but it doesn't do anything more than that. Rather, I would attribute the change in these sisters' mindsets to society actually working and succeeding in getting young people on the right track, even if their parents are as crazy as this Neonazi mom. I mean, just like people who commit violent crimes while under the influence of cannabis don't attest to cannabis being a drug that induces violent behavior, this story doesn't convince me that cannabis has the capacity to make people "good". That would just be too good to be true.
  4. PalomoJames7420
    This brings new meaning to showbiz moms, who treat their children like puppets. Only in this scenario rather than dressing her daughters like "little adults", she had them portray neo-nazis. I would imagine that the marijuana helped them to see the truth, helping them think freely, as well as treat their maladies. However I feel that these girls bounced back from their crazy upbringings. I wonder if those same "Toddlers in Tiaras" will take the same route when they actually reach adulthood, and think freely. I sure hope so, for their own sake and sanity!
  5. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    CVC must be hereditary, because their mother does seem to be vomiting in a circular and non-linear vector. Hopefully she drowns in it. But I agree with C.D. Rose, if she was to get high likely all I think it would cause her to do would be to dig out her copy of Song of the South and laugh histerically or if she's feeling frisky, light some candles, pop on Deliverance, and masturbate. Sadly I think at her age the only drug that will cure her of her hate will be one that induces a permanent coma, hopefully not before causing her to evacuate her bowels. Her daughters are probably just young enough to continue learning and growing as people, instead of allowing their CVC to be passed on to yet another generation of ignorant wastes of good human souls. I know that no matter how many drugs my Uncle Jerry takes (whether it be PCP or opium), he still tells me that Hannah Montana causes him gastric distress and uncontrollable fits of rage.
  6. veritas.socal
    swim must disagree
    for, if one does a rip of wax or errrrrl (oil), and then reads mien kampf, one would probably be all like" what in the fuck is this dude talkin? he is disrespectful to those of aryan or nordic descent, and is NOT a genius".
    okay, one wouldnt read much of his tripe after medicating, but swim CAN see this medicine making people analyze themselves and what they beleive in. mescaline is good for it too. but they would see the truth
  7. jon-q
    White Separatist Teen Twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede Say They've Renounced Hateful Message, Want Marijuana Legalized

    Lamb and Lynx Gaede were established teen recording artists 5 years ago. But the adorable, freckle-faced California twins weren't singing songs of love.

    Raised in a Neo-Nazi household, the Gaede twins' lyrics were those of white supremacist hate.

    Now 19, the pair formerly known as the pop group Prussian Blue claim to have changed their extremist ways.

    "I'm grown up now. I was a little kid back then and said a lot of things I don't believe in now," Lynx told ABC News.

    The girls credit moving to Montana – and attending public school there – for truly opening their eyes and giving them new perspectives on life.

    "My sister and I were home-schooled. We were these country bumpkins…. it makes me proud of humanity every day that we have so many different places and people," Lynx told the Daily Mail newspaper.

    That's a far cry from the 14-year-old Lynx who shuddered at the thought of diversity.

    "We don't want to, you know , just be a big puddle. We don't want to – we just want to preserve our race," she said in an interview on ABC News' 20/20

    The twins also adopted a new perspective on the need for medical marijuana after Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school. She began smoking the substance to ease her pain.

    "I have to say, marijuana saved my life… I would probably be dead if I didn't have it," she said to the Daily Mail.

    Frank Meeink, a former Neo-Nazi, joined the movement when he was 13 years old. Like the Gaede girls, many young children in the movement were taught to hate, he said.

    "The twins were grabbed when they were so young and I mean a mother teaching you is everything. That's where you learn all of your morals and your humanity if you have any," said Meeink, who wrote the book "Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead."

    For Lamb and Lynx, that grooming started at birth. The girls were nurtured on racist beliefs by their mother, April Gaede. She has defended her parenting and beliefs.

    "If they were - we were Christians, they would be maybe singing Christian rock songs. But we're not. We're white nationalists. And so, of course, that's a part of our life and I share that part of my life with my children," she told 20/20 in a 2006 interview.

    But the twins' mother believes their new outlook is a result of peer pressure.

    "They are saying what everyone wants to hear so they won't be harassed anymore. Let's face it, it's not popular to be a white separatist, and they want to be popular," she said.

    But the Gaede twins say they are new people, and that time, experience and love have changed them for the better.

    'We just want to come from a place of love and light … I think we're meant to do something more - we're healers. We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can," Lamb told the Daily Mail.

    ABC News 20th July 2011
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