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  1. Alfa
    The Dutch Ministry of Health and the Medicines Authority IGZ have informed the Ministry of Justice that they now consider Mephedrone as an unregistered medicine.

    Sales or possession of unregistered medicines are punishable with 6 years jailtime or €45.000 fine.

    W. Best, Chief of the Medicines Authority confirmed this yesterday by email, to the Smartshop / Headshop branche organisation VLOS.
    VLOS has informed all Dutch headshops and smartshops about this change in the law.


  1. Combination
    I think this is kind of a good thing...
  2. rocksmokinmachine
    There is another prime example of Christian democracy....

    Round of Applause, Especially for Mr. Cohen (sarc)
  3. enquirewithin
    It was going to happen sooner or later.
  4. DaRu4164
    Actually a bit surprised they were first. Expect other countries to hop on the bandwagon.
  5. Abrad
    Please enlighten us as to how you formed this opinion? Without a more detailed explanation about why it should be banned your post is simply a useless one liner.

    I don't believe that any drug should be banned anywhere as it only creates a black market with no quality control. Users will have to make contact with criminals, and indeed commit crimes of their own to attain it.
  6. NeuroChi
    Maybe users will turn back to MDMA? It is also illegal anyway, but safer.
  7. Abrad
    Nobody ever turned away from MDMA in favour of mephedrone. The problem is there has been little to no MDMA in Europe in two years. No doubt, the lack of MDMA reach helped mephedrone become so widely used bu I really don't think anyone would choose mephedrone over MDMA...
  8. NeuroChi
    Would make for an interesting study - MDMA is widely available here and quite popular, I'd jump to the conclusion that this reduced the need to people to look elsewhere, though I would like to know how strong the correlation is.
  9. Alfa
    Socialist Job Cohen is the Major of the city of Amsterdam. He is not part of the Dutch national government.
  10. rocksmokinmachine
    Maybe a little off topic...

    I know he is mayor of the city. But, it was his influence that banned mushrooms, stopped smoking in public places, causing the coffeeshops he hadn't already closed to pay out hefty fines for tobacco smoking.

    Added to this. The ban of bk-MDMA a while back and the current banning of mephedrone, I'd say its about 5-0 to 'them'...What do you think?
  11. Thirdedge
    I was under the impression Job Cohen was against the mushroom and other bans which were the doing of that evil christian party?
  12. Alfa
    Thirdedge is correct. Cohen is a very vocal opponent of the ban on mushrooms and against the 250 meter from schools ban for coffeeshops. He wants to overturn this government decision. Its the Christian Democrats and other conservative parties, including the liberals(somehow they went conservative in the last years) that caused/supported all these bans. his includes the cleanup of the red light district and surrounding area. As major, Cohen is forced to execute those orders from the national government.
  13. Combination

    Quality MDMAcrystals and MDMApills are widely available in the Netherlands (after of period of drought).
    Uninformed people are now using mephedrone or are going to use mephedrone because greedy sellers are promoting Mephedrone on several dutch forums as a harmless and legal substance. Its cheap and (ignorant,uninformed) people might think "why not?It's legal!".

    Ofcourse I agree with you, all drugs should be legal. But for the time being, this is the most safe solution. Now that mephedrone is illegal, there is much less incentive for people to use it, especially since MDMA is back on track again in the Netherlands.

    But is MDMA still hard to be found in the rest of Europe? Sad to hear that... you guys should come to the Netherlands and party :vibes: :- :cool:
  14. podge
    Was there any warning signs for this mephedrone ban or was it quite sudden? Up until this thread i hadnt read any warning signs for a dutch ban coming.
  15. Alfa
    Research chemicals can be banned with the medicine law, instantly and without warning. As soon as a drug is on the radar, the Dutch medicines authority can decide to mark it as an unregistered medicine and thereby ban it. This is also how they banned methylone in 2004.
  16. rocksmokinmachine
    Mayor Cohen has equitable interest in Amsterdam, especially the RLD. Alot of Amsterdam's tourism is coffeeshop/sex related. This would be detremental as I am sure the city council relies on this tourism. I think if it wasn't for the huge amount of cash coming in from all this he would definately be more conservative than he claims to be. If it were up to him there would be a Heineken/Amstel bar/pub/cafe on every corner
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