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  1. Phungushead
    View attachment 47101 One of the few major psychedelics conferences during the dark age of the “Just Say No” Reagan regime was the Psychedelics and Spirituality Conference (aka Psychedelic Conference II), held on the campus of UC-Santa Barbara on May 13-14, 1983.

    The speakers were a “who’s who” of drug discoverers and researchers: Albert Hofmann, Humphry Osmond, Ralph Metzner, Alexander Shulgin, Walter Houston Clark, Terence McKenna, Andrew Weil, Carl Ruck and Jonathan Ott.

    Timothy Leary, Joan Halifax and Kathleen Harrison (McKenna) were in attendance but did not give formal talks.

    Other notables visible in photos: Peter Stafford, Rick Doblin, Deborah Harlow, Robert Forte, John Palmer, Jeremy Tarcher and Shari Lewis.

    It was at this conference that Sasha Shulgin announced his discovery of 2C-B and delivered one of his greatest talks, “Drugs of Perception.” It was also here that Terence McKenna (in his brother Dennis’ words) “marked his emergence as a public persona with his talk ‘Hallucinogens: Monkeys Discover Hyperspace, aka Return to the Logos.’”

    Cynthia Palmer (Horowitz), whose ground-breaking anthology of women’s drug writings (Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady, reprinted as Sisters of the Extreme ) had been published the preceding year, attended the conference with her husband and co-editor, Michael Horowitz. Her candid photos of the speakers and conference-goers during a break from their presentations are published here for the first time.

    A complete set of the talks delivered at the conference is available on 6 audiocassettes from Soundphotosynthesis.

    View attachment 47082
    Albert Hofmann in the Cafe.

    View attachment 47083
    Rick Doblin, center, Deborah Harlow to his left.

    View attachment 47084
    Ann and Sasha Shulgin surrounded by speakers and attendees.

    View attachment 47085
    Andy Weil, Michael Horowitz, Sasha Shulgin

    View attachment 47086
    Living room scene From L: Andy Weil, Terence McKenna, Kat Harrison McKenna, Walter Houston Clark, Shari Lewis (Jeremy Tarcher's wife), 2 unidentified, Jonathan Ott, Ann Shulgin, Sasha Shulgin

    View attachment 47087
    Michael Horowitz (left), Sasha Shulgin (middle), Andy Weil (right).

    View attachment 47088
    Andy Weil

    View attachment 47089
    Ralph Metzner, Stephanie Bernstein

    View attachment 47090
    Carl Ruck, Albert Hofmann, Joan Halifax

    View attachment 47091
    Jeremy Tarcher, Cynthia Palmer

    View attachment 47092
    From left to right: Andy Weil, Michael Horowitz, Sasha Shulgin

    View attachment 47093
    Terence McKenna, Jeremy Tarcher (background), Walter Houston Clark (foreground)

    View attachment 47094
    Luminaries on the lawn: Terence McKenna, Kat Harrison (McKenna), Albert Hofmann

    View attachment 47095
    Albert Hofmann inscribing books, with John Palmer

    View attachment 47096
    Patio scene with Carl Ruck and Joan Halifax in foreground. Albert Hofmann in the background.

    View attachment 47097
    Walter Houston Clark (left) Sasha Shulgin (right)

    View attachment 47098
    Albert Hofmann with attendees

    View attachment 47099
    Living room scene. From Left: Cynthia Palmer, Albert Hofmann, Joan Halifax

    Humphry Osmond (left)

    24 November 2015

    Lisa Rein
    Boing Boing
    Photos: Cynthia Palmer
    Main image: Admission Ticket for Santa Barbara Psychedelic Conference II


  1. gonzochef
    Re: Never before published photos from Psychedelic Conference II in Santa Barbara, 19

    It's amazing to see so many great minds and designers of groundbreaking work all huddled together on the floor of a living room. I wish I could have attended something like this, a friend's mother met Hoffman and she has a book signed by him that I have always lusted after. What a brilliant inside view of the conference, thanks for posting this, PH! Really interesting.
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