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New Bibenzyl Cannabinoid from the New Zealand Liverwort "Radula marginata"

By pankreeas, Jul 21, 2007 | | |
  1. pankreeas
    Not exactly new but recently stumbled upon. Anybody else hear of this? I think it was found in 2002.

    "The ether extract of the New Zealand liverwort Radula marginata afforded a new cannabinoid type bibenzyl compound named perrottetinenic acid, and two new bibenzyls, together with a known cannabinoid, perrottetinene. Their structures were established by two dimensional (2D) NMR spectral data. The structure of perrottetinenic acid was a similar to that of Δ1-tetrahydrocannabinol, a known hallucinogen. Cannabinoid type bibenzyls have been isolated from liverwort Radula perrottetii, though have not previously been reported from the liverwort R. marginata."


  1. Alfa
    Both Radula perrottetii and Radula marginata have cannabinoids in them.
  2. bananaweed
    Did anybody tried Radula's cannabinoids? Was there any effects?
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