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  1. chillinwill
    Medical marijuana users celebrate a victory as another condition is added to the list of diseases that qualify for the state's medical marijuana program.

    So far, there are 1,188 active patients in the Department of Health's medical marijuana program and over the last year, a total of ten new diseases have been added to the list.

    Under the new addition, people with inflammatory auto immune-mediated arthritis can now apply for a medical marijuana card in New Mexico.

    Essie de Bonet is one of the many New Mexicans who believes in the benefits of medical marijuana, and had worked closely with Governor Richardson to push the reform.

    “I have AIDS. Twenty-one years, and been nauseous for the last ten-- and it’s getting worse.”

    It's stories like hers that have state politicians thinking twice about what kind of diseases to now include on their medical marijuana list.

    Two other conditions up for consideration, bipolar disorder and migraine headaches, were not added to the list. Critics still argue medical marijuana is a step closer to its legalization, with some considering the plant as a gateway drug.

    But de Bonet, who spoke at a Roundhouse rally for the legislation Sunday, disagrees.

    "I’ll be alive to see my second grandson (turn) six-weeks-old, next month," she said.

    By: Taryn Bianchin
    February 14, 2010


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