New drug alert as three taken ill (DOI)

By turkeyphant · Jan 29, 2007 · ·
  1. turkeyphant
    Various forums are reporting that some people suffered from a DOI overdose at a party over the weekend.

    The details in the article are sketchy at best but from what I've heard from people who were there, the drug was on blotter tabs not in tablet form (obviously, if you actually think about it). Also, apparently it wasn't just a surprise overdose or prolonged psychedelic crisis - at least one bloke went into convulsions which, when talking about psychedelic phenethylamines, we all know isn't a good sign.

    So, basically, some prick has been selling DOI at a party no doubt saying "oh, it's just like acid". Then, because he did a fucking slopping job at laying it (why oh why put it on blotter anyway unless you're Satan?) and/or because it took a while to kick in and people redosed, the shit hits the fan. People should never pass off substances as something they are not or sell to people who are not familiar with the substance. This is how deaths happen, drugs get scheduled and party organisers get arrested. At the moment DOI is trivial to get on the internet and unscrupulous people may be trying to sell it by comparing it to something people are familiar with - LSD.

    Does nobody remember what happened with DOM/STP in 1967?!

    I really feel for those who have been affected by this.

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  1. Abrad
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Some more articles

    Whoever's selling this to should have the rest of their stash shoved firmly up their arse imho.
  2. turkeyphant
  3. snapper
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    It is stupid and irresponible to criminal to sell research chemicals to people ignorant of their effects, identity, and/or dose PERIOD ! This is the single worst thing about the prohibition of drugs - people end up getting hurt. Well, no loss if the smack comes down on the DOxs.
  4. Micklemouse
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Shit. This is truly awful. Any dealer that unscrupulous &/or dumb deserves anything he gets. My heart goes out to the poor sods who are suffering because of it.

    On a wider scale, the implications for the free-party scene are huge as well. Expect a major crackdown in the wake of this, kittlings.
  5. turkeyphant
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Haha, BBC News on the radio just said "it's like ecstasy". Current news seems to suggest they are recovering. I hope so.

    Not to mention the whole RC scene and, possibly, a certain vendor in Europe...
  6. Mona Lisa
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    It could indeed result in another 'operation ismene' whereby almost EVERY person in the UK who has purchased off the particular RC website in question could get an early knock on the door by the police, as happened in 2004 after Operation Webtryp in America: after someone died of (I think a 2-CT7 overdose), the DEA managed to get the owner to release all his details of his customers and then, in turn, the DEA released these details to the respective countries' authorities. I understand that the majority of people who had even made just one online purchase were tracked down and questioned by the police in the UK.

    No one was sent to prison, but almost all of them got cautions, many got criminal records for possession plus the humiliation of being written up in the local press. Some even lost their jobs as a result.

    Some of you SWIMS might need to consider an early spring clean because the police also arrested people for having other illegals in their houses in addition to the RCs in question!
  7. Nagognog2
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    What is needed is the amount of DOI used. If it really was DOI - and I'd like to know how they determined that is was DOI. Unless the resposible party stepped forward and admitted that it was.

    The good new is that of several OD's with DOI in the 30mg range - nothing more than diazepam was needed and the people recovered with no lasting problems.

    The bad news is that these tabloidish news stories have no real information. I, for one, would appreciate any further info available be provided.

    (DO9? What the.....?)
  8. Nagognog2
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Bump! ^^^
  9. turkeyphant
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    The best information I can get at the moment is that it was DOI because the dealer was selling it as such. Let's hope the moron bought it himself and laid it himself and the company he used were selling the right thing...

    The latest news I've heard is that the most serious case is still in hospital but as long as they haven't cocked up too bad it sounds like he should be fine all being well. Let's hope so.
  10. radiometer
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    I see lots of talk about "DOI getting scheduled." DOI is already illegal in the UK.

    The articles are sort of funny:
    Oh sure. I can just see little Ian calling up the constables..."yeah well, I picked up 10 eccies, a few grams of hash, and some pink ketamine for my mates. We was well cunted boys, ya shoulda been there! It was WIKKID!"
  11. Nagognog2
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Yes. But unlike the USA - there is a loophole extant that lets people still order it and get it shipped/delivered. More likely this loophole will be closed due to crap like this Bozo pulled.
  12. turkeyphant
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    There is? I thought it was specifically listed here:
    In the US it's only dubiously covered by analogue laws.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone said DOI would "get scheduled". This will just put a lot of unnecessary attention on free parties and RCs.
  13. Nagognog2
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Yes there is - but it's illegal. And I'm not about to point out how it can be done - for obvious reasons. In the USA, it's just a matter of time before some fool pulls something like this and it all ends up totally illegal. Though it looks like this will happen without the "fool" being needed.
  14. turkeyphant
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Do you mean from genuine chemical suppliers such as those used by labs and universities or the various research chemical suppliers of dubious legality in places like Germany, India and China?

    Back to the story: unfortunately, others who bought/had the suspected DOI at the same party aren't coming forward to allow the substance in question to be tested...
  15. renegades
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Swim don't get it. Why is the dealer make his hits so powerful doesn't that cut into profits? I don't think it was the hits were so powerful, that DOI takes about 3-4 hours to really begin to kick in, people probably were double or triple dosing the drug 1-2 hours into the trip because they were not really getting off. If people are ignorant about a substance educate them or else don't give it to them. Really, swim should not supply RCs at raves. Swim does not know what else these people have taken or how drunk they might become. It is a receipe for trouble. Swim also questions if it was DOI, which Swim has taken and double dosed and it caused no problems whatsoever for this swim. Anyway of the DOxs, DOI is by far the weakest of the 4. It sounds more like DOC than DOI.
  16. fastandbulbous
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    No loophole in UK law that allows any Schedule 1, Class A drug to be imported without an appropriate Home Office license & chem firms will not ship it unless you provide evidence of your Home Office license. There may be loopholes in other country's laws, but not the UK. The reason I know this is because I had to be covered when using controlled anorectic compounds in my postgrad work (I was a named party on the license of the lecturer who's paper my scribbling contributed to).
  17. Abrad
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    What do you mean by weakest? Please elaborate.
    I would have thought DOI more likely to cause an unpleasant experience than DOC. Although obviously any DOx compound is possible.
  18. renegades
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    DOI simply does not pack the punch that DOB, DOC or DOM does. It is a milder stimulant than the white knuckle DOB, DOC or DOM. The hallucinations (oops the dea will use this to classify doi) are not quite as strong as say DOC. With doc you have a drug which basically visually mimics acid which is strong drug, whereas DOI seems more like a mild mescaline buzz. The two mixed together is quite the experience both complementing each other. However this swim still takes DOI on occasion because swim has a good time with this compound, but still prefer DOC
  19. Abrad
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Partygoer victim of new drug
    A 19-year-old man is seriously ill in hospital after apparently taking a new and relatively unknown drug.

    The man, from Brighton, is among four people affected after a rave at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, in the early hours of Sunday.

    He is in a critical but stable condition in intensive care at Stevenage after he started suffering fits.
    Advertisement continued...

    An ambulance was also called for a second man, who was well enough to speak to detectives yesterday afternoon.

    Two more people at the rave went to Milton Keynes General Hospital on Sunday evening, complaining of similar problems.

    One is in intensive care unit, the other is in a stable condition.

    Officers who spoke to other party-goers were told the two men may have taken a drug called DO1, DOI or DO9 which has recently appeared on the illegal drugs scene and about which little is known.

    DOI is a type of amphetamine but its effects are hallucinogenic rather than stimulating. It was developed by the Californian chemist Alexander Shulgin, who promoted the use of ecstacy.

    Detectives warned anyone who may have taken it to seek medical help immediately.

    Bedfordshire Police said the drugs could have been bought at the rave in factory premises in Biggleswade or at a separate event near Milton Keynes which was broken up by Thames Valley officers hours earlier.

    About 250 people were at the rave and most of those travelled from Buckinghamshire when the Milton Keynes event was closed.

    A police spokesman said: "It is unclear at present whether any of the people in hospital actually took this drug or what form it came in - whether tablets or strips - but officers are warning anyone who was at the rave in Biggleswade they should under no circumstances consume any drug they have in their possession from the weekend."
  20. Psych0naut
    Re: DOI overdose in the UK

    Ow how I love the media's propaganda ..
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