new drug in brazil? need more info

By werlin · Sep 10, 2006 · ·
  1. werlin
    hi everyone... its been a while since i've been here..

    here it goes...

    i was at a friends house and saw on tv, on a brazilian channel (GNT i think..)
    and i saw a piece on 4 young people getting arrested in a city somewhere in brazil, and they had with them besides the usual (hash, X...), small doses of something that the police declared an UNKNOWN NEW SUBSTANCE... after that they just focused the rave/trance scene in brazil..

    i've tried to look up the news on the web but i didn't find anything more than that..

    so its the only info i've got... do you know anything else ????

    infos are MORE THAN WELCOME... they say curiosity killed the cat... and this one is curious...

    can it be really a new drug???

    please help post this in your own language, at your other nacional-forums that can bring more info on this... or any other forums...

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  1. radiometer
    The only thing we know about this substance is that you don't know what it is, and you heard the doses were small.

    We're gonna need more than that, seriously. :) If you hear anything else, please report back. It's always interesting to find out what drugs show up in random places. There's a lot of obscure, relatively new drugs that have gotten more widespread in the last few years.
  2. Mescaloid
    I think you are talking about a stuff called "capsula de vento" (something like "wind capsule").

    It's a mixture of LSD, stimulants and (believe or not) rat poison.

    Shitty stuff. Irg!
  3. BackToBasics
    This is what Budgie found about it on a brazilian website..

    Effect of the wind capsule can last up to 30 hours, discloses finding - 8/12/2004Mônica Paula The State of São Paulo METROPOLIS
    The National Institute of Criminology of the Federal Policy, in Brasilia, yesterday concluded the finding on the apprehended capsules of the wind has one month for the PF in Camboriú Health-resort (SC). They contain a synthetic drug call DOB, known since 1967, and are derived from the amphetamine, substance that also serves of base for the manufacture of ecstasy.
    Alerted for the use of a new presumption type of narcotic in the coast north of Santa Catarina, the PF deflagrou the Ventania Operation, in day 6 of November, and arrested Rodrigo Simeoni, of 25 years, that loaded ten capsules of the wind, each one with lowermost amount of a white dust.
    Simeoni was withheld when it followed for São Paulo, where it would participate of a party rave, with 40 people, in a freighted bus. It opposed to give information on the origin of the capsules fine and transparent, equal to the medicine packings, and almost empty.
    The example of ecstasy, the DOB (2,5-dimetoxy-4-bromoanfetamina) is a synthetic drug, created in laboratory from the alteration of molecules of the main raw material, with the objective to become more powerful its effect. The drug is alucinógena and stimulant.
    “We are dealing with a drug very weighed”, affirms Landmarks of Almeida Camargo, criminal connoisseur of the PF that identified the substance during examination in the INCORPORATION.
    Camargo explains that the DOB is a bomb of delayed effect: the dose, that varies of 1 the 3 mg - the equivalent to pitada of more or less generous salt - delay of one the three hours to act in the organism. But its hard effect up to 30 hours. A portion of 8 mg can take to one overdose, alert the connoisseur.
    So it seems 'capsula de vento' is just DOB...

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  4. UberDouche
    "Oh, boy! Hope you aren't doing anything for the next couple o' daze! Cuz yer gonna be real busy in da brain pan for about 30 hours!"

    Not a great way to be introduced to psychedelics if one isn't knowing what one is getting.

    Sounds like a repeat of the 'STP' debacle here in the US.
  5. fnord
    why cant we have outbreaks of dob in the us? :( my friends are tired of 4 or 8 or 12 hour trips,they need 24+ hours!
  6. ProtectedByTheGods
    Some people I know feel the same way, fnord.
  7. robertone
    Swim knows of heroin addicts that are using strignine (rat poison) if they can't get there needed portion of heroin. Several years ago in Spain there was LSD mixed with strignine sold on the streets, one of the typical side effects of this mix was jaw clenching.
  8. radiometer
    Read the microgram journal, there's plently of DOB in the US. One need simply to ask the right (wrong?) person for "LSD."
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