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New drug policy in China (needs better translation)

By Euphoric, Oct 15, 2015 | Updated: Oct 16, 2015 | | |
  1. Euphoric
    I just stumbled upon something that may be a blanket scheduling for many mind-altering substances in China. I wonder how this will effect RC production there and if there is another country ready to take on the role China has been playing. Here is the google translation:



  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Yes, you must post a link to the News article source

    Sounds like there is going to be more shooting in the back of the head for a pound of weed in China
  2. CannaFun
    nah, weed is not and never was that popular in asia. But i can imagine they are shooting themselves for a pound of banned cannabinoids. Market will run dry soon after that 166 chemical ban in china. You'll see people paying skyrocket prices for their beloved fav. noid or stim (me included)...
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    weed was never popular in asia?

    weed was discovered by chinese 6000 years before jesus, opium followed

    bong was invented in what now Philippines
  4. Basoodler
    I was wondering if they would ever address this in China.

    It was always odd that the media would say the drugs were from china, but never took China to task for doing little to stop it.
  5. Euphoric
    Link added. Better translations are welcome.
  6. Beenthere2Hippie
    The original article's link is in Chinese. Did you translate the Chinese yourself, or did you have Google translate it?

    The reason I ask is because if you translated it yourself, that's fine (and quite amazing), but your formatting still does not match DF news standards and needs to be fixed according to these guidelines. If Google did the translation, the copy's accuracy stands in question, as Google is notorious for poor quality translating.

    Either way, before posting anymore news. please read the guidelines above as to avoid having your news offerings deleted through moderation for not meeting new guidelines.

    Hope to see you posting lots more news (correctly) very soon. And welcome~
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