New Drug Targets Teens - Salvia

By chillinwill · Oct 6, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A trendy new drug is targeting teens. It's easily accessible and some say highly dangerous.

    Salvia is a hallucinogenic that has been outlawed in 14 states, but it is still legal in Georgia and there are no laws limiting who can buy it. CBS Atlanta’s Wendy Saltzman found Salvia for sale in several metro Atlanta stores.

    Most smoke shops like Smoke 9-Eleven here in Roswell don't allow kids under 18 into their stores to buy Salvia, but it only takes a few clicks of a mouse for kids of any age to get on line and get this drug delivered to their door.

    Salvia is the hottest high for teens looking for a rush. They can smoke it, chew it, or drink it.

    The new "it" drug is being splashed across the internet with teens marketing to teens, posting their experiences online for everyone to see. Shawn Burdge of Smoke 9-Eleven says Salvia hits within 30-seconds of smoking it and the high, which he describes as an "out of body" experience, lasts for several minutes.

    "It's a hallucinogen and it's potent,” said Burdge. “Basically what I was seeing was the room, but basically like a cartoon version of the room.”

    That escape has been compared to using LSD and may sound inviting to thrill-seeking teens.

    “Even if it affects you just a little bit, it is still drastic at the same time. It's still a removal from day to day life,” said Burdge.

    But the Drug Enforcement Administration said Salvia is potentially dangerous and officially tagged it as a "drug of concern."

    “What we are seeing are some very extreme psychoactive reactions to the substance. Basically losing all control at that time, of where they are at, what they are doing. Sometimes you will see them fall over from uncontrollable laughter, things like that,” said DEA spokesperson Rodney Benson.

    Benson said the DEA is evaluating Salvia to potentially place the drug on the federal controlled substances list.

    “Clearly there is an abuse. We are starting to see states around the country on their own beginning to outlaw that substance,” said Benson. In Georgia, not only is it legal, but there is no age limit on who can buy it.

    “Another concern for me is the ease on the availability to get that substance,” said Benson.

    Anyone can buy Salvia online with no ID and no age restrictions and have it delivered overnight.

    But what some say is a dangerous substance that needs federal control, others say is mostly hype.

    “It’s not as deadly as they seem to think it is,” said Burdge.

    It could took take the DEA a year or more to make that ruling about whether or not to regulate Salvia and make it a controlled narcotic.

    Wendy Saltzman
    October 5, 2009
    CBS Atlanta

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  1. g666d
    This system is broken. I have never paid tax to protect myself against bursts of 'uncontrollable laughter', and other horrors of ego death. No-one needs thought police, even children are quite capable of much sensible decision making. Research and documentation of negative consequences are much better ways of convincing people to make sensible decisions. Deterrents are expensive and wasteful way to convince people to act for their best interest, assuming that there are real reasons to prohibit consumption.
    ..Swim highly doubts there are any, and simply can't fathom the mentality that causes such controlling attitudes to be guiding influence of law.
  2. dinozaura
    Swim thinks they should just put a simple age-limit and that's it. Everybody is capable of choosing over this or that, tit or tat... People just don't get it. It's everybody's choice, what they put in their bodies. For Pete's sake, grow up.
  3. Mdubzui
    Swim feels truly sorry for all americans with thier DEA and federal laws. It seems that goverments have seen that the war on drugs does not work and are now targeting the "legal highs". Swim has yet to try salvia but it is on his to do list and is easily accesible at the local headshop stall thing in a market in the city.

    Is there no way to fight back and combat this constant scaremongering paranoia?
  4. Nnizzle
    Spot on.. I was going to say what is wrong with losing control of everything and letting fo for a few minutes?
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    [rant mode]Salvia is not a "new" drug- it has been around and used for centuries. What is new is the preperations- both raw leaf and extracts, and the slick packaging aimed at teens. The whole new "legal highs" industry.
    It is this industry that should be sharing the wrath here- not just the "governments".

    Whether we are talking about salvia, herbal pills, mephedrone, or ivory wave, A relatively small group of people are profitting heavily off all this, and are operating with total disregard for their customers. Turtle does not think any of the people behind this give a damn about anything but making as much cash as they can before the governments are forced to react. While Salvia may be the safest of the substances mentioned above- it is certainly not a toy and should not be being marketed so heavily towards the young.
    The DEA has been aware of Salvia for ages, and has never seemed too concerned. It has only been with this recent blatant push by marketers that local, and by extension state governments, have been moved to act.
    Irresponsibility within at least a segment of the drug community definitely holds some of the blame here in the turtles opinion[/rant mode]
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