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  1. Greenport
    New Hampshire: Veto of Medical Marijuana Bill John_Lynch.jpg
    Published: July 10, 2009

    Gov. John Lynch vetoed legislation that would have made New Hampshire the 14th state to legalize marijuana use by severely ill people, citing concerns over distribution and cultivation. Lawmakers had made extensive changes to the bill in hopes of winning over Mr. Lynch, who had been critical from the start. But the governor, a Democrat, said the bill still had too many defects. “I understand and empathize with the advocates for allowing medical marijuana use in New Hampshire,” he said. “However, the fact remains that marijuana use for any purpose remains illegal under federal law.” The bill’s sponsor, Representative Evalyn S. Merrick, a Democrat, said she would push for an override


    SwiM is a little peeved about this one because Governor John Lynch states his reasoning behind the veto was that 'marijuana is still illegal under federal law.' Well, technically marijuana use is legal under federal law for medicinal purposes IF it is decriminalized by that state. This means his argument has no ground.

    SwiM had his goat write an email to the guy explaining his position on this and urging him to reconsider his logic.


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