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  1. mersann
    Note that the translation from German to English is by me and probably not entirely flawless.

    "Krok" showed up in Northrhine-Westphalia for the first time: New horror drug from Russia

    The substance is called "Krok" or "Krokodil", is a replacement for Heroin, changes the skin colour to green-gray, and is life threatening. The drug from Russia now showed up in Northrhine-Westphalia for the first time. Four people in Bochum have unambiguous symptoms. The police fears a Krok wave.

    In the "Drogencafé" of the information centre"Krisenhilfe Bochum", drug addicts attracted attention, who supposedly had consumed Heroin and had "inexplicably large damage of tissue", as reported by the local head doctor, Heinrich Elsner. After four drug addicts eventually had these dramatic skin damages, it was clear to Elsner and his colleagues that this couldn't be coincidence any longer - Krok circulates in Bochum. It is a drug that experts know, but was hardly in circulation in Germany until now.

    The junkes had bought the substance which they thought was Heroin, in the area of the main station. The cheap drug is produced in Russia on the basis of Codeine tablets which are freely available in pharmacies there. The effects are said to be similar to heroin - just more dangerous. The first shot is enough for getting addicted. Whoever consumes this substance has a life expectancy of merely one to three years, according to experts. The drug is called Krok in Russia because the skin at first changes its colour to green as a crocodile in the place where the drug is injected.

    Drug wave from Russia?

    The police in Northrhine-Westphalia now fears a new drug wave with Krok from Russia. As a speaker of the State Office of Criminal Investigation reports, are the cases in Bochum the first ones in NRW. The local police and an aid organisation warn people about the deadly substance which is called Desomorphin medicinically. "It can be assumed, that Heroin has been sold in the area of Bochum to which the life-threatening Desomorphin has been added", police spokesman Volker Schütte says.

    "The Junkie rots from inside"

    What happens to people who shoot Krok, dramatic videos and photos in the internet show. Skin areas on the entire body change their colour and die off. Often amputations body parts, liver failure and bursting blood vessels are the results. "The junkie rots from inside" is a drastic statement on an internet forum concerning this topic.

    Missing skin on the forearm

    Also the addicts in Bochum were marked strongly. According to the head doctor, one person's entire skin on the forearm was missing. They probably wouldn't even know that they have consumed Krok. Heinrich Elsner says that the difference between Krok and Heroin can't be felt. The situation is dramatic because the four persons who are homeless, are not in treatment until now. The doctor and his team at the "Bochum Krisenhilfe" now hope that the drug addicts come to he café or the information centre so they can receive help.


    I remember a desomorphine thread around here and read a bit about it afterwards. It's a horrible thing. Given how closely related it is to Morphine, I still wonder whether it's the substance itself or something else from the pills that does this damage...


    Funnily, a desomorphine was just the thread someone posted in before I finished with this article.


  1. somnitek
    There have been two or so other threads on this. I appreciate the effort in trying to translate it. I suspect it's getting more attention in Europe than here in the states. I'm going to print out some of these articles and post them at my local needle exchange, and Methadone clinic, if they'll let me.

    BTW, we don't think it's the Desomorphine. We believe it's the result of crude, "quick and dirty" synthesis performed by the addicts themselves, it seems. Someone said that the drug was being made by the Russian mob, as well, but I doubt this since heroin is still a cash cow, and this drug is more a desperation move than anything else. I could be wrong, I just doubt it is all.
  2. Impure157
    All of the reports popping up have one main idea in common, that the drug is very quickly, cheaply and easily made at home by converted heroin addicts. Its widely reported as basically an act of desperation by heroin addicts who can no longer afford the expensive prices.
    If this is even partly true then why would anyone buy their krok pre-made which guarantees that it will be more expensive than making it at home?
    Then again all of what I know is from new stories/articles and its very possible I'm ignorant to what is really going on.
  3. TheBigBadWolf
    AW: New horror drug from Russia

    the appearance of krok in Northrhine-Westphalia to me seems to be connected with people importing codeine tablets directly from russia. i don't suspect it to be produced by russian mafioso structures but by addicts trying to make a bit of money. nonetheless this sounds alarming to me. i will pass the info on to my local needle exchange and have talked to my methadone prescriber about it this morning.
    i don't think that desomorphine will win any piece of market in Germany for the cause of codeine tabs not being available without prescription over here.

  4. Paroxeking
    I haven't been afraid of a chemical in a long time. This one scares me.
  5. Mind_Expansion
  6. MikePatton
    It should be noted that the chemical itself (desomorphine) isn't a lot more dangerous than diamorphine, but they have this sort of shake n bake preperation and the end result is low purity low quality desomorphine that includes byproducts that are simply not meant to be injected to a human vein, this highly impure version of Desomorphine is known as Krokodile. The chemical itself is in large just another opiate.

    I had a Russian friend who's friend was addicted to Krok. He became very sick and didn't get out of bed for some months, when he finally did most of the skin from his back was actually left on the bed, fucking sick.
  7. ex-junkie
    Drug dealers would stoop that low to cut their heroin with desomorphine and make a profit. People don't know what they're injecting but they will go and buy from whoever sells the gear that makes them the most high. They live to get high. They would go back to the dealer with the heroin cut with desomorphine because of this.
  8. PurpleBlunts
    This is nothing new. It's been around in Russia for years. Vice did a program on it a while back. It's a shame we're only hearing about it now. And it's not the desomorphine doing the damage. The way it's prepared is with a lot of random volatile chemicals that really shouldn't ever be consumed by any living creature.
  9. Akanaro
    Imagine a Russian accent if you will.

    'In Russia you don't do drugs. Drugs do you.' :p

    I'm going to assume that it cannot be easily distinguished from Heroin or similar? I mean, judging by the effects people will definitely not be queuing to get a gram of Krok anytime soon.
  10. socialblacktarfly
    I remember when this came out awhile back. I mean I have a drug addiction but omg when your turning into something from night of the living dead and it doesnr bother you then wow I'm speechless and basically horrified at the pictures etc. of this zombie drug. Yikes.
  11. Alien Sex Fiend
    this Krokodil is not new. Its been around for years and on drugsforum. Hmm interesting why the hell its making an appearance in Northrhine-Westphalia? in mother russia you can buy all needed ingridients with no prescription in any pharmacy. So its like meth production. YOu can't buy ingridients in the West. I remember somebody uploaded a video here on Drugsforum that demonstrates the whole cooking process. desomorphine isn't a lot more dangerous than diamorphine, but they have this sort of shake n bake preparation... yeah, enough said
    Rot, rot for me, my darling, rot for me
    So rot, rot for me, my darling, rot for me

    Mind Expansion, those poor sons of bs inject Tropikamid by a bottle in Russia, it is used to some degree as an inexpensive recreational drug. its an anticholinergic. and most of them act as a deliriant. Nobody can't help them with their ignorance.
  12. dyingtomorrow
    This is really tempting me to move to Canada where you can get OTC codeine and learn how to make this shit (except hopefully figure out how to make it cleaner).

    Some chemist should disseminate information via the internet on how to purify whatever they are doing at least.
  13. Alien Sex Fiend
    Co-codamol? its easier to grow poppies than to use that crap... :) and cheaper too
  14. TheBigBadWolf
    After the above mentioned appearance in Germany there have not been any else noted in media.
    Obviously this has been a one-off thing of newly immigrated russio-germans who had access to a certain amount of codeine.
    The lack of codeine as an OTC drug in germany will prevent the further existence of krok in central europe. This definitely is drug for the poorest ofthe poor of addicts in a very restrictive country where autocratic structures in pharmaceutic industry and politics have a commercial interest in the money of the most miserable addicts. That these aren't able to survive the consumption of this goo for long is no problem for those who make the big buck out of it... Addicts don't ever go extinct.
    A society which forbids methadone therapy but has structures that live off direct bodily decease of their weakest citizens is no good place to be for opiate addicts...

    Sorry for my partly off topic musings- sociocultural problems of other people with substance addictions is what many a consumer doesn't perceive - some out of own miserable circumstances - much more as I perceive it because it might be a disturbance in their own high life.

  15. been_there
    somnitek - I agree. Although I doubt it will ever be a problem in the US due to the lack of availability of the precursor RX Codeine which is available OTC in Russia. This looks similar US meth labs of the 80's and 90's in the US before the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act was instituted. The manufacturing process is similar between the two using red phosphorus and other nasties.

    Because of the careless synthesis, the majority of Krokodil is likely toxic by-products*

    Phosphorus, binders, unreacted codeine, methyldesorphine, some codeine analogues and a small amount of actual desomorphine. (*RationalWiki). It's likely not the Desomorphine that's killing people..

    Look on youtube for Krokodil videos.. It's horrible.. I watched a guys leg meat just fall off his shin bone.. Looked like a chicken wing.. (gag)

    Just say NO to this one..
  16. Moving Pictures
    &drew explained this drug very well. he is Russian and either a chemist or very knowledgeable of chemistry. http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=166913&page=2

    This is the best and most informative thing I've ever read on "krokodil".

    Edit May 29:

    Just real quick to address the neutral rep I was left on this post. I appreicate the points you made. I just posted the whole post because a lot of people won't bother to click a link and go read a post. I thought it would be better to post the whole thing. &drew is actually one of my favorite posts because he's post are so interesting about drug life in Russia and he's very knowledgeable on chemistry and on drug life in general. I greatly respect his posts. I know we're not supposed to discuss rep but I'm not complaining, I just wanted to say why I posted it like I did.
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