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New Jersey doctor spends $135K on 4 trips to strip clubs; claims he was drugged

By Rob Cypher, Apr 23, 2014 | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    A heart doctor was spreading the love at a West Side strip club to the tune of $135,000, court papers say.

    Zyad Younan is stiffing Scores New York on the whopping tab, saying he never stepped foot inside the mammary mecca — but if he did, he must have been drugged, court papers say.

    “He was coherent until he saw the bill,” quipped Scores manager, Stephen Hyman.

    Scores’ Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit paints the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital cardiologist as a repeat customer. He allegedly racked up the hefty bills during four trips to the W. 28th St. jiggle joint over a 10-day period last November.

    Younan, 41, of Holmdel, N.J., “voluntarily came to plaintiff’s place of business and requested that plaintiff provide him with food, beverages and services,” the suit says. The frisky physician used his American Express card for his house calls, ringing up a total of $135,303 in charges, the suit says.

    Younan’s father, also a cardiologist, said the bill was on their joint corporate credit card.

    The younger Younan apparently had a change of heart when he saw his bills from the pleasure palace.

    He “contested the charges alleging that he was drugged by plaintiff’s employees and thus did not authorize the charges and/or he was not at plaintiff’s place of business on the aforesaid dates,” the suit says — but the club contends it has him on video on all four dates.

    Hyman said it’s not unusual for people to run up high tabs at the club, but it’s “very rare” that they don’t pay.

    “We get a lot of very wealthy people here. You can run up a bill,” he said.

    The cover charge for the flesh emporium is $20, and bottles of champagne can top $1,000 each. Meals for individuals are easily around $250 per person, and people can put the cost of in-house script on their cards to tip the dancers.

    APRIL 22, 2014



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