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  1. pasties
    THE latest “legal high” drug is flooding our streets.

    And unscrupulous dealers are making a killing from flogging the man-made narcotic Benzo Fury.

    Cocky traders are touting the drug as the next Meow Meow – the substance banned after it was linked to the deaths of more than 25 party-goers.

    The new £10 pills are said to have similar effects to ecstasy and have been hyped on the net for months.

    Benzo Fury finally arrived from *China last week and demand has been so high manysuppliers have sold out.

    But a Daily Star Sunday reporter was able to buy it on a busy UK street after arranging a deal on the internet with a firm called *****.

    Only an hour after setting up the transaction our investigator was approached by a man with an Eastern European accent calling himself Ivor.

    After a brief introduction he passed over a clipboard along with a brown envelope containing five pills.

    Ivor asked for £50 and after exchanging the cash the smiling dealer told us: “Enjoy. We have plenty more of this so keep hold of my number.”

    Other traders also sell the drug – currently legal under UK law – with a promise of next-day delivery.

    One dealer, who claims the drug is perfectly safe, said it was specially made in Chinese labs to make sure it doesn’t flout UK law.

    The seller, who flogs the pills as a “research chemical” on a website called ***** said: “This has been a huge operation.

    “We’ve been careful to make sure the formula doesn’t contravene the Misuse of Drugs Act.

    “As it stands it’s 100% legal and totally safe. We make sure it is 100% pure – not mixed with anything harmful. It’s wicked man. It blows your mind. Demand is huge.”

    But experts have warned pills bought from non-reputable sources could be a serious risk to health and even kill.

    Chris Hudson, of drug information service FRANK, said: “So-called ‘legal highs’ are not a safer alternative.

    “These substances are new, haven’t been tested over time and are particularly risky if used with alcohol”.

    15th August 2010 By John Ward



  1. pasties
    and so it begins again...cue media shit storm.

    Sorry, can't post links yet

  2. source
    Hmm swim has had three different batches of this so-called 6-apb (swim refuses to call it by that other name)
    Swim reports first 2 batches were more like your avarage caffeine pills, giving little to no effect apart from slight stimlation (test results also confirmed this) and the last batch when tested with Marquis, Mandelin and Mecke all confirmed DXM... and in all honesty swims experience of dropping all three caps at once (minus 15mg) was exactly akin to DXM as well... mentally unstable for 4 days afterwards and not feeling good at all.
    So, to conclude, swims opinion is this (correct me if I am wrong): the media are more then welcome to do whatever they like with this one, and the ironic thing being, if 6-apb is eventually banned it won't be because of 6-apb itself, it will be because of the shit that vendors are trying to palm off on us yet again. (er... yeah and NRG-1 really contained Naphyrone didn't it *sigh*)

    But thats okay right? Vendors will just carry on using the same ingredients (more than likely their stockpile of MDPV that they can't shift) and force a ban on a substance they never had their hands on in the first place.

    Here is an excellent idea for all those profit greedy vendors:

    When you have finished capping up all your excess stock of MDPV (or other nasty subs you have close to hand) ......release it as normal stating it to be "the closest yet to previously banned substances back in April" ..... and call it ALCOHOL.... then we might end up banning something that actually kills people for a change.

  3. Seaquake
    the caps in the pic almost certainly don't contain 6-apb. the pellets that swim tried may or may not have 6-apb in them, but swim suspects are more likely to than any of the others.

    swim received some caps which judging by the reagent tests probably had 2-ai in them
  4. G_nome
    Swim got one of they very caps in the pic just last week as a free sample.
    But with swim's experience with sampling a variety of substances all masquerading as 6-APB recently, swim will be waiting til he can do a few re-agents tests on it.

    I found it rather funny that there wasn't actual any mention of the real names of these substances, just stupid brand names and so called slang names.
    But whoever decided to brand 6-APB as "Benzo Fury" had to have seen this coming.

    But typical, sensationalist, idiotic, British tabloid media.
  5. Phenoxide
    Aggravating and ill-advised as the choice of name is, the media are for once quite right to refer to it by brand name only. We do not know for sure that said product is indeed 6-APB. Already the anecdotal evidence suggests that at least some products sold under this name will not be 6-APB.

    One of the worst aspects of the media coverage of NRG-1 was that the brand name became synonymous with naphthylpyrovalerone. Even the government-funded drug information service FRANK treats them as the same thing (FRANK misinformed? Surely not?!). This led to the scheduling of naphthylpyrovalerone despite strong evidence that only a very small minority of substances sold as NRG-1 ever actually contained it.

    The vendors and media are playing their predictable part, and the cycle is accelerating to breaking point. Unfortnately it's going to push us even further away from a progressive drugs policy.

    I believe the recent law amendment on beta-ketones to cover naphthylpyrovalerone was a statement of intent on where the government is going. Between April and July they managed to force through new legislation despite the distractions of a general election. In tackling the issue of 6-APB I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar law amendment on phenethylamines by the end of the year. This would effectively kill the UK legal market dead on phenethylamine derivatives, and all because the vendors insist on maintaining a high profile and goading the government to respond. They will eventually kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
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