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New Medical Marijuana Reform Makes Edibles Illegal, and More Harsh Limitations

  1. MikePatton

    Ministry Of Health:"There will be no more selling of Cannabis Edibles to liscensed Cannabis patients".
    The concluding document by the parliamental Medical Cannabis comittee states that the sale of Cannabis Edibles will be illegal starting in June 2013.

    The document, which concludes the ministry of health discussion from 14.02.13, reveals some of the new limitations that are part of the new Medical Cannabis Reform:

    1. Medical Cannabis will no longer be labeled by names of different strains as is custom worldwide, but labeled only with the Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD, CBN).

    2. There will be no new strains introduced other than those available today.

    3. There will be no export of Medical Cannabis outside the country.

    4. Expired licenses to grow Cannabis will not be renewed.

    5. No more Cannabis growers are to be liscensed except for those active today.

    6. Starting in June 2013, Medical Cannabis dispensaries are not allowed to sell any cannabis product other than dried flowers and oil.

    This document is the end to "Cannablis", the only Medical Marijuana company in the country that produces only edibles.


  1. MikePatton
    It is my impression that they are trying to slowly but surely destroy the medical marijuana industry with this reform. After all, if they don't allow new growers, and they don't renew licsenses to existing growers, then it's just a matter of time before there are NO GROWERS.

    I can only hope that they don't succeed in their terrible efforts.
  2. Rob Cypher
    Seems like a step backwards to me (especially regarding 'edibles'). :thumbsdown:
  3. al-k-mist
    definitely a step backward...some people do not smoke, only eat or drink cannabis for thier ailments, because smoking or vaping or oil isnt enough
  4. babalooj
    Sorry, asked where this was taking place, but then saw the title
    This is really some horrible news for the marijuana industry in Israel
    I do believe strains do have some relevance, for treating different things, due to the varying terpenoid contents
    It seems to be an obviously blow against medical marijuana
  5. hookedonhelping
    The only problem I see with edibles is that the end consumer can not accurately predict the amount/concentration of active ingredients in them.

    I do like the idea of listing what percentages of THC, CBD, CBN are in a medication. Eliminating the name of strain from that medication seems nit picky and I don't really see why listing that strains name is an issue with officials. If a particular strain works best for a patient then are they supposed to request/remember the ratio of actives? This seems like a counter productive process that will complicate matters for the patients.
  6. MikePatton
    It's all about keeping this as low-scale as possible, hence the limitations. Officials feel like this medical marijuana thing is "getting out of control" here, they like to use the example of how California became such an easy state to get MMJ at and they warn that we should take steps to avoid "ending up like California".

    Removing the names of strains is the most immature idea I've heard, supposedly this is done to minimize the sale of MMJ in the black market but I don't see how it's related.

    PS - Original Israeli strains are always named after deceased patients, so removing the names is just disrespectful towards the memory of those patients and their families. It's not like the strains are called "Candy Kush" or "Green Crack" or shit like that, that might supposedly appeal to illegal consumers
  7. babalooj
    Oh, okay now i understand
    If you look at the situation from a conservative view, i can see how they would see it as getting out of control, people using and growing "narcotic drugs" freely as medicine
  8. Hippiedave82
    Hey mike is this israel or is this U.S.? I dont want to wish it on israel but were finally making progress in th U.S. With legalization and this is a definite speed bump. So sad.
  9. Rob Cypher
    It's Israel; US policies on MMJ are fragmented by state these days and it's kinda hard to see the federal government try to outright push the MMJ genie back into its bottle due to its increasing support in general; although that doesn't mean they won't occasionally legally engage some groups in trying to reassert their 'authority' over the product in question.
  10. MikePatton
    When you have 50 governments throughout the country, one of them at some point is bound to say "wait a minute, this isn't right", and act independently to change the law in their jurisdiction. When you have only one government it's a problem, because there's no one there to disobey them, although some are trying to do this from within - this is becoming a heavily debated subject in the parliament.

    The conservatives here are saying that Israel has the highets MMJ patients to population ratio. This is technically true, but in a small country it doesn't mean much, only 10,000 patients...
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