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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Is Now Being Used To Sell 'Herbal Incense'

By Rob Cypher, Dec 30, 2012 | Updated: Dec 31, 2012 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Louisiana mother has a warning for other parents after her teenage son had a bad reaction from smoking what she's calling a new synthetic drug.

    The product, called "Blue Brees" comes in a package that features a distorted photograph of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

    A spokesman for Brees said Thursday Brees was unaware of the product and will be taking appropriate action. The spokesman would not elaborate.

    Mary Hughes of Denham Springs, Louisiana says her 16-year-old son got it as a present and smoked it, which led to a frightening night.

    "His eyes were basically real droopy," Hughes said. "His speech was very slurred. He had no emotion. He barely could stand and absolutely no emotion, so 'Zombieland' was really correct. He was a zombie."

    Hughes admits her daughter, who is of age, bought the product at a Baton Rouge store called Zombieland.

    The store's owner said products like "Blue Brees" are sold for the sole purpose of putting in aroma-therapy oil burners. The owner added this product is not meant to be smoked at all and there are signs posted all over the store to make sure customers understand.

    "If I was going to go in and buy something for aroma-therapy or make my house smell well, I wouldn't spend $20 on a little Ziplock baggy," Hughes explained.

    Hughes admits her daughter was wrong for buying a bag of "Blue Brees" and so was her son for smoking it. She said big punishments are coming to both of them, but she wants stores that sell the product to suffer some consequences, too.

    "I want this off the shelf. I want this stopped, and I don't want our children killed over a $20 packet of aroma-therapy when they know what they're selling it for," she added.

    Owners of the store allowed the media inside to get pictures, but they did not want to give an on-camera interview.

    Hughes said she contacted the Saints organization to see if it knew anything about this product and a Drew Brees-like zombie on its packaging. She was told the organization had not heard of it or seen it, and someone would look into this matter immediately.



  1. stryder09
    Re: New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Is Now Being Used To Sell 'Bath Salts'

    I'm sure there will be a cease and desist go out from Brees camp regarding its production and sale as well as a possible lawsuit.
  2. Basoodler
    Re: New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Is Now Being Used To Sell 'Bath Salts'

    I thought Louisiana was one of the first to ban synthetics drugs but also was one of the more thorough. having banned even the plant matter used in spice.

    I figured sales of bath salts would have been taken care of by now.

    I wonder what the hell was in it?
  3. Rob Cypher
    Re: New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Is Now Being Used To Sell 'Bath Salts'

    Other reports say it's a cannabinoid blend; which makes more sense. I've changed the post's title to reflect that.
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