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  1. Balzafire
    SNOHOMISH, Wash. - A new version of a Oxycontin, now arriving at local pharmacies, is designed to make it more difficult for drug abusers to crush the popular prescription drug and misuse it.

    Oxycontin is considered popular among drug addicts because it is so widely available, and its effects are similar to heroin.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the new tablet that works just like the current tablet, but has a harder casing that is considered strong enough to prevent any breaking or crushing. The new tablets can only be used for ingestion.

    "This is a big step in the right direction," says John Sontra, pharmacist at the Everett Clinic. The clinic had its first shipment of the newly designed Oxycontin tablets arrive Wednesday.

    "Oxycontin is so addictive and dangerous if misused," he says. "This new version is just a safe way to go."

    Snohomish Police Chief John Turner is being proactive in light of the new tablets hitting the market.

    "The fear is that if drug addicts stop using Oxycontin, they will turn to something else," says Turner. "That something else is heroin."

    Snohomish Police have conducted two search warrants in the city since August 20 in an effort to stop heroin producers who may eventually supply the drug to Oxycontin users.

    "We are trying to get ahead of the curve if there is one," he said.

    Turner and other Snohomish city leaders have been vocal about the growing heroin problem in the city.

    KING 5 News
    August 25, 2010


  1. kailey_elise
  2. Balzafire
    Yes. All the images I could find were way too big, then I remembered you had resized those images for the other thread and used one of them. I appreciated when you did it, but even more now. Thanks!

    My guess is that either someone will figure out a way to prepare the new OP's for injection or (and) heroin will see a huge spike in demand and not be just a "big city" drug anymore.
    There are already news articles posted that heroin is becoming more common in America's smaller towns.
  3. DiabolicScheme
    x2, SWIM's opinion is if it is usable it's abusable. Might take some time, but SWIM wouldn't doubt someone finds away around it. SWIM is interested in how it breaks down in the body if its shell is "unbreakable".
  4. dyingtomorrow
    LOL I love how one of the main points of the article is that they are just going to get people to transition to heroin because of this. That is, the ones who don't already know that heroin is a fraction of the price and a much better high than oxycodone.

    And the best retort they can come up with - "we are going to try and stop heroin trafficing before this happens" - as though the police have ever, in the history of the drug war, disrupted the flow of drugs for long. You can hear the pathetic, defeatist, reality accepting tone of the article - it's hilarious.
  5. Moving Pictures
    Shit, oxy is better eaten anyway if you can't shoot and swim hasn't seen any shootable in a long time. Even if one has to smash that shit with a hammer, it's still abusable.
  6. bigloc
    If there is a will there is a way, this will just give alot of people bloody noses till they find H or a new way to use the new OC op. Swim has never tried it but cant you smoke OC's anyway, my friend has a feeling we will see a 2012-2013 herion epidemic the any one remember the 90's what goes up must come down. Also now we have all the new antibiotic resestant strains of disease, swim hopes people learn about the dangers of sharing needles before they become and addict.
  7. Code9
    This might be proof that there is intelligent life in the universe.
  8. Piglet
    Oxycontin are becoming widely used in the UK. I don't know if they are the tamper-resistant ones, but I will check. As for the new version, well the stomach is very acidic so I assume that the shell is broken down in low pH solutions. Freezing then striking with a hammer should remove the time delay so that is 1 step closer. Now consider all the mucus membranes in the body...
  9. EscapeDummy

    "Yo man, I just scored some oxy head over to my place"
    "For sure dude, lemme just swing home and grab my hammer first"

    And yeah, "drug-abuser-proof"... when will they learn there's no such thing?
    I generally bring up sleep aids... opiates ->barbituates ->benzos->z-drugs (zolpidem/zopiclone)... each new class of drugs was touted as a specially made, non-abusable, non-addictive replacement to the previous. Hell even fucking antihistamines have a potential for abuse. And this is just one specific category of depressants, too.
  10. catseye
    Does anyone else find it rather frightening that very little info is known/available about the side effects or long term hazards of this "newly designed polymer that surrounds the active ingredient even when forcefully crushed"? :s I know there are natural polymetric materials, but when I read these articles all I can think of is plastic, polystyrene and silicone - urgh!!
  11. CaptainTripps
    I am sure that no matter how harmful this turns out to be, the drug warriors will find that it is a worthwhile price to pay to help prevent "abuse". They may show some concern if they cause problems for those who use them as directed, but they have said that the originals can be prescribed if a doctor requests it and can explain why it is necessary. Of course, that will be of little help if the side effects don't show up for years after the pills are consumed. But for those who are trying to get around the "safeguards" expect little sympathy. I remember in the 1970's when the Ford administration was spraying poison on Mexican marijuana crops. Because they found that manually taking down pot crops was too time consuming, they decided to use a chemical to kill the plants from the air. The problem came when the farmers would immediately harvest after a spraying, before the chemical killed the plants. When this was brought up that poisoned pot was entering the US, many prohibitionist felt that if the prospect of getting poisoned deterred people from smoking pot, a few dead pot smokers would be a small price to pay.

    Something else that is disturbing is that the makers of oxycontin did not do more, if anything, in the way of a public education campaign to explain this change. One of the reasons oxycontin is so expensive is that it can be injected, snorted and smoked. It was clearly forseeable that the OP's would be less valuable on the black market that the OC's. I am sure that that was one of the reasons for making the change. In Washington State there was a "shoot out" at a marijuana farm. At first it was guessed that this was a ripoff attempt on the farm, but as it turns out the dispute was over an oxycontin "misunderstanding", the farmer apparently sold some OP's to someone who wanted to either smoke or inject them. In the end there was one dead and others wounded. I am sure there are a lot more acts of violence that we have not heard about regarding these misunderstandings.
  12. Terrapinzflyer
    Well, it should be noted Perdue Pharma was fined $600 million a few years back (2007) for intentionally misrepresenting the abuse potential of Oxycontin News story

    They have had bad press a number of times since then for dragging their heels. If they pled guilty and agreed to pay 600 million one can only guess how much more they made knowingly producing and pushing a drug they know is heavily abused.
  13. phenythylamine
    Uncrushable I think not. swim and many of swiys have gone to insane length to make the non abusable abusable. swim expects to see a tek up here soon about how to remove this hinderence to our natural instinct to alter our conciousness.

    a picture of swim with a jackhammer and a metal bucket full of OCs come to mind, as was said before where theres a will theres a way.
  14. Alchemical
    I wonder how much money Purdue will lose now that their product is less abusable.
  15. chukbzle
    Swim feels all these "New formulas" are a horrible idea.swim has met ALL types of dif kinds of users,from 1nce every 2 yrs to as much as they can each day,and NEVER have met someone whod say "ima quit because these gel-up",they almost always 99.999%of the time do WATEVER they gotta to make it usable.If someone tries to shoot the gel they might get a lil buzz or OD tryin to even out their dose from whats lost from the amount.how would that help ANYONE?
    It seems like all that makin pills so called.."abuse proof" does is put MORE people not only in danger of addiction and depression but also their health will b worse from gel in their body as they knew it wasnt a healthy choice wen they started using in the 1st place.
    also it seems heroin would skyrocket which is not any better as it can vary ALOT in dosage compared to pills.
    like its been said by a few.. where theres a will theres a way.Swim wonders how long till someone cracks this code.
  16. Piglet
    For those of a literal bent - when I wrote 'hammer' ANY sufficiently heavy, robust and wieldable object should work. If your unsure then just send them to me & I will run some proper tests on your behalf.
    Nobody commented on 'mucus membrane'. I was trying not to be crude, but crushing & stuffing your arse should work very well. In the UK, for 20 years the ONLY oxycodone in use were suppositories via special order. It's a MUCH better way for such compounds to get into the bloodstream & on into the brain - binding as it does to those pesky mu receptors...
  17. static_vodka_420
    swim lives in rural/suburbAN Va and its too LATE three dyas after these hit the market IR Oxycodone (roxy)) doubled in value, Oxymorphone IR 10mg became readilly available, and several dealers began carrying heroin in this town of swims a very new thing for the locality swim previoislly took trips IV users will not be cheated out of a rush things like cold fusion extraction have proven that
  18. delia_mad420
    it has been here in Edmonton for the past 2 months I got really sick I was taking 4-80,3-40, 5-20 mgsr oxycontin / day I was switched and I couldn't keep more then 80 mg every 6 hours with out purging I was put through the motions Eventually I was perscribed the Fentanyl patch 100mcgx2 I am only 33 Fentanyl was awsome for pain, however intermittant migraines and always over tired, but taking Dexidrine I should be alert Then finding I couldn't sleep with out taking restoral My major concern was what would happen if the patch fell off while I was asleep ? Would I wake up to discover my GirlFriend OverDosed because it stuck to here and she has no tolerance I went back to my Doctor and he only told me I could stay on Fentanyl or go back on Oxyneo Not really a choice I guess I will be returning to a life that I thought I was done with over 7 years ago Crime
  19. jagz
    I have been IV'ing OC 80mg 3 times day for past 18 months +.
    Dont think its great, never encourage anyone to try it/use, not even happy
    about myself being pysically, mentally and emotionally addictive. In fact, I really Hate it
    but I Love it at the same time. The whole comfort thing of washing the pill, heating it up on the spoon etc, whole ritual if you like has been some soft of comfort during a very very painful period in my life.
    I have asked my GP 6 times to taper me down but every single time i bring it up he tells me I'm "not ready yet." I cannot believe how many times I've asked him and he goes right on ahead every Monday morning, spits out another 80 mg Oxy script for me to get high on for the rest of the week. I'm almost positive he knows I inject. I don't sell, I purely use as self medication and I'm honest enough to admit that I am addicted to the "steel" as well, which is making this stopping thing a whole lot harder to commit too. I like the pain. Assuming the pain thing is much like a "cutter".
    Anyway..so im totally dependant on these green little pills and very recently, one random Monday morning , I was at my local pharmacy getting my scripts filled when the pharmacist came over to me and told me that Oxycontin has now been reformulated..."to stop the street selling...but has the exact same active ingredients bla bla bla ...and abusers cannot inject it anymore."
    Hold up wait a second wind back..say WHAT?
    So Abusers can't inject oxycontin anymore. O.M.F.G...> So Abusers can't inject oxycontin anymore!!!
    Within a millisecond of my life...news of this nature... > So Abusers can't inject oxycontin anymore...is Not the sort of news you want to hear EVER ever EVER when you have your nice little cosy comfort zone..everythings sweet as then BAM! GONE! BLINK AND ITS GONE BAM! NO MORE...GONE!
    Words cannot describe my feelings now...let alone that random Monday morning.
    2 feelings...
    1 - YESSSSSSS!!! this is What Ive WANTED..Now tapering down and quitting for good will be SOO much easier. HooRAY. HAPPINESS!
    2 - Awwwwwww Fukin Hell WTF...HOW DARE THEY..Theres gotta be away..nothings fool proof.. Time will tell when we can crack the code and IV the new OP's. FFFFFARRRK!!!
    They stole my blankeeee.
    I cried and cried and howled crying when I got home and literally just had to swallow my pill. Is that it?
    That's IT? THAT? Swallowed and it's gone..finished..That's IT?
    Wahhhhhhhhhhh..... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo..sob sob snif snif... :(

    So..how can I get by this f*ing time release, gel-shit that happens whenever a pill goes within 2 metres of water? I've been swallowing them they way they're suppossed to be used for 2 weeks now and im over it. They take approx 2 hrs to hit its peak. Hot n cold sweats all day long. Worse constipation. Overwhelming feelings of sadness..i cry deeply most days. Activation of pill works longer, approx 2-3 hours more pain free.
    Upside..longer uptime. Downside...extremely sad, very VERY tired to the point where I am sleeping until 11am. NOT GOOD.

    How can I cook down these new oxy's so I can feed my lonely veins? Anyone know ANYTHING?
    Thanks in advance guys.
  20. Stickemupz
    Seeing as your in Australia, from what I've heard, it's only OxyContin brand that's using the new formulation, the generics are under no pressure to follow suit.
    I cannot vouch 100% but by all media accounts it seems to be the case. It's just a mundi pharma decision unless I've missed something big.

    There's lots of TEKs about cooking the new ones up, no need to revive a dead thread.

    The forum search engine can yield many results.
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