New Radio Ad Calls Out Politicians Who Have Used Marijuana

By Powder_Reality · Jul 4, 2006 · ·
  1. Powder_Reality
    New Radio Ad Calls Out Politicians Who Have Used Marijuana

    by Marijuana Policy Project (03 Jul, 2006)

    Marijuana Policy Project Spot to Air on 141 Radio Stations Nationwide
    A potentially controversial new ad campaign from the Marijuana Policy Project names prominent public officials, including President George W. Bush, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Vice President Al Gore, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as having admitted to using marijuana. The ad then asks, "Is it fair to arrest three quarters of a million people a year for doing what presidents and a Supreme Court justice have done?"

    The spot will hit the airwaves on July 3 on 141 radio stations nationwide, and will air through the summer during Jim Hightower's syndicated "Common Sense Commentary," carried by Air America and other stations, as well as the "Downsize DC" radio show.

    "Nearly 100 million Americans, including the politicians named in the ad, have used marijuana - and the vast majority have gone on to lead successful lives," said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C. "Our government has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars on ads claiming that the use of marijuana leads to addiction, illness, and destruction, but for the overwhelming majority of responsible, adult marijuana users - just as for responsible, adult alcohol users - that simply isn't true.

    "Marijuana prohibition has completely failed to stop marijuana use, while giving unregulated criminals a monopoly on the marijuana market," Kampia continued. "Instead of continuing our failed system of marijuana prohibition, it's time to consider a new system of regulation and control that would generate tax revenues and take marijuana out of the criminal market."

    Alcohol and tobacco, the two most commonly abused drugs in the U.S., have both been successfully taxed and regulated. Research shows that marijuana is safer than both of these drugs.

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  1. Nature Boy
    An excellent slap in the face to prohibitionists. Wouldn't be surprised if they quickly censored it though.
  2. Alfa
    I want to hear that radiospot. Got a link? One good radio spot like that will most likely undo years of DARE and related poodle training.
  3. Powder_Reality
  4. Alfa
    AAhhh, that almost made me cum! I love it. If this get's a lot of air time, some president will be hitting his head against the wall. If it would not contain an invitation to visit their website, I would have added it to the home page.
  5. korky8097
    I am going gather some people and call my nearest radio station and suggest it, the more airtime this thing gets, the better, if all goes as well as it can i forsee a T.V. ad. Now that would grab america by the balls and say listen.

    I almost wish this didnt have such a finger-pointing negitive vibe though, doesnt bother me that much but i would have much rather seen some health benifit facts added in. A politition could weasle his way out of this one easier than stone cold scientific facts.
  6. Powder_Reality
  7. Bajeda
    Thats good for helping raise awareness in the public, though I seriously doubt it will change anyones' minds.

    I wish this had been more publicized when it came out:

    Over 500 economists from the US including three Nobel Prize Laureates signed to support the report.

    You would think that if all of these top economists from universities around the US think this is sensible economic policy the administration would see it, but unfortunately not. The media is quite biased when it comes to things involving drugs. This got some coverage but not enough.
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