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New research: more women are drinking and driving (NZ)

  1. ~lostgurl~
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    2 mins
    19 May 2008
    TV3 News NZ

    New figures have backed concerns by emergency department doctors over the high rate of women being admitted for severe intoxication. The research looks at the sharp rise in the number of women caught drunk behind the wheel.

    Police say it is not the only worrying trend that has emerged. New research says the rate of women taking the risk of drink-driving has increased by 1800 percent since 1986. It is still a third of the number of men, but it is rapidly rising.

    From 300 women caught 22 years ago, to just over 5000 recorded in 2006.
    The research says the two groups most at risk were women over 40 and those aged between 17 and 19-years-old.

    And similarly it is girls under 20 who are gradually taking over men when it comes to hospital admissions for intoxication.

    Wellington emergency department doctor Paul Quigley says the social stigma attached to being intoxicated has changed, as has the availability and types of alcohol.

    “If you look at fatal crashes where a driver is drunk or a driver is affected by alcohol still 83 percent of those crashes involve men,” says LTNZ’s Andy Knackstead.

    Professor Geoff Hall, who carried out the research, says another conclusion is that first or second time drink drivers can be sentenced without any pre-sentence report, so associated issues such as binge drinking or alcoholism can be missed.

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    New research: more women are drinking and driving (NZ)
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  1. ihavequestions
    OH....MY...GOD. female drivers are bad enough. but alcohol on top of that? LOL just kidding. i wonder though WHY its becoming a new trend. maybe its always been that way but just hasnt gotten much attention until now?
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