New scooter (take two :p)

By Heretic.Ape. · Oct 9, 2008 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    After a couple of months battling with the cheap Chinese scooter I got at the beginning of the summer, I've gotten a new one just in time for it to get cold as hell. Oh well, still beats walking, just time to get some snow-mobiling clothes, lol.
    Here's the new beast:

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  1. savingJenniB
    Looks like a donorcycle!

    Be careful ~ never assume that the crazy buttholes in their fat-ass SUVs can see you.
    Often ~ very often ~ they don't!!!!

    Gotta say ~ it looks like fun and there's no snow in southern California!
  2. sylenth
    post us some wheelies & stoppies soon with this one man stunt machine. lol. watch out for those painted lines, pot holes, grit blah blah blah. nice new toy! be safe ghost rider.

    what you do with the last one? hang it on the shrine wall?
  3. purplehaze
    You should take a look at and find a car that is well priced. If a cheap as hell car and good on gas mileage is what your looking for, i would get a old vw rabbit. Those things run on diesel and get like 60 miles to the gallon. If you've got around 4000$ you can get a good used honda accord. Also good on gas. Or a civic or crx. Look around 93-97 for good priced hondas, for the vw, probably the 80s. And the rabbit tops out at like 65 and isn't much for looks at all, but definitely a good gas mileage car.
  4. KomodoMK
    Wouldn't mind one in the summer for the odd relaxing ride, but think I'll stick to a car in those nasty winter months. Think a scooter may be far too slow for me to live with in general. :S
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