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  1. BitterSweet
    19688.jpg TORONTO - A man who appears to be in his early 20s and wearing a backwards baseball cap pours a Budweiser into an empty plastic bottle while sitting on the couch.

    Next to the bottle is a bicycle pump with its needle piercing a cork at the end.

    He describes himself as "L.A. Beast," and on the video he's uploaded on YouTube -- "Dude Gets Drunk Without Drinking 1 Drop of Alcohol" -- he shows viewers how to vapourize booze.

    "I've been trying to lose weight," he explains to the camera. "I've been trying to keep the calorie intake low, but at the same time, I want to go out on the weekends and get s---housed."

    This emerging trend of "smoking alcohol" -- or Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) -- is becoming popular among university and college students who say a quick hit of liquor is more intense than slowly sipping a few beers during a night out.

    But a Toronto drug awareness organization is concerned the concentrated vapours could rapidly increase the risk of alcohol poisoning.

    "The main concern is because it's new, there's no research to show you how much is too much," said Seth Fletcher, manager of programs for the Council on Drug Abuse.

    "You can do it so fast and it's just bypassing your body's natural elimination functions to say, 'We've had too much alcohol.' Your body's natural fight is to throw up to reduce alcohol poisoning. There isn't that check and balance when you're inhaling it."

    Author: Jenny Yuen, QMI Agency
    Date: June 8, 2013


  1. Crystal_Queen
    Weird..something doesn't add up tho...
    With Booze...Your stomach is like a giant time release pill...or internal IV bag.. ...
    Continuously absorbing alcoholin into your blood stream and reducing oxygen to your brain
    causing inhibition.

    Inhaling would be like shortciruiting your brain...oxygen...none...oxygen none...oxygen none..
    increasing sezure risk.

    like imagine inhaling 40% worth of a shotglass.
    also the stomach doesn't really destroy that much boooze...it enters the blood and is sweated out.
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