New UA tests

By 420sublime420 · Sep 1, 2006 · ·
  1. 420sublime420
    Just putting this out there. I am in an out-patient program (and I have been for twenty months, its a five months program:crazy ). This program, along with many others around the country (USA), is switching to a new test that can detect metabolites (EtG, to be specific) of alcohol in your urine up to 80 hours after you drank. User beware!

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  1. Sklander
    A good heads up, SWI420sublime420...

    When SWIM was in an out patient program the treatment center was running trials of the tests that were described. Needless to say, many patients failed!

    Haha... Treatment centers are a piece of work, if you ask SWIM.
  2. Octo42o
    Hahaha, this Test has been talked about so many times by Drug Court, and Outpatient prgms. Good thing SWIM graduated right b4 they started using these test. haha. Good thing SWIMs probation dept doesnt have the same test, thought they would.
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