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  1. catseye
    Revellers seeing in the New Year have been warned about the dangers of counterfeit vodka after trading standard teams seized bottles with high levels of the chemical methanol.


    One shopkeeper was fined £16,000 after Surrey County Council seized bottles of fake Glen's Vodka which was found to contain 235 times more methanol than the legal limit allowed.

    Methanol is also used to make anti-freeze and can lead to blindness.
    Council trading standards teams have also found industrial solvents in bottles.

    Councillor Paul Bettison, the Local Government Association's regulation spokesman, said: "Everyone wants a bargain, especially at this time of year, but surely the potential health risks far outweigh any financial savings.

    "Frankly, if the offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
    If anyone is suspicious about a supplier or feels that they may have bought a bottle of counterfeit alcohol, please do not drink it. Instead, contact your local council or Consumer Direct for advice as a matter of urgency."

    Signs that a bottle of vodka may be counterfeit include:
    • The liquid inside smelling of nail varnish;
    • Wonky labels with poor quality print and spelling mistakes;
    • Bottles on the shelf not being filled to the same level.

    Fake vodka seized by West Berkshire and Wokingham Trading Standards was found to contain chloroform.

    Horsham District Council also issued a warning after finding fake vodka marketed as Drop Vodka, Red Admiral, Arctic Ice and Spar Imperial that contained industrial solvent Propan-2-ol.

    via Sky News,
    Saturday December 31, 2011:



  1. TripStick
    Is that why I had the urge to put on a pair of overalls and go out into the backyard to shoot some squirrels when I got drunk last weekend?
  2. Mindless
    [​IMG][​IMG]From The Daily Echo 3 days ago:

    COMPLAINTS from drinkers have helped trading standards officers uncover dozens of bottles of fake and potentially harmful vodka. Eight different brands of illicit vodka have been seized from small convenience stores in Bournemouth in the run-up to Christmas.
    Trading standards officers acted after a wave of complaints from people who had either been made ill by the counterfeit alcohol or were concerned that it smelt funny.
    They targeted shops in Boscombe, Kinson, Winton and Old Christchurch Road and seized 35 bottles of fake vodka being sold at “pocket money prices.” At least 70 cases of counterfeit wine have also been seized.
    Tests on the vodka revealed the drinks were poorly manufactured and did not contain sufficient alcohol to be proper vodka. More analysis is now being carried out to discover whether they contained harmful chemicals.
    “We know it has not been properly produced, it’s nothing more than a lucky dip really,” said trading standards manager Andy Sherriff.
    “Some of these brands have been tested by other authorities and found to be harmful to health. Our concern was to get them off the shelves as soon as possible and then check them out.
    “Clearly while I’m delighted my officers have gone out and got this much stuff, I can’t believe that we’ve got the only 35 bottles that exist in Bournemouth.”
    The vodka brands seized by officers are Drop, Russian Standard, Passion, Rocka and Arctic Ice.
    Their labels contain no manufacturer’s details and they carry invalid barcodes. Some 750cl bottles were on sale for as little as £8.99 – almost half the price you might pay for a bottle of Smirnoff.
    Zara Fulmer, senior technical officer, said: “With that sort of pricing, it is almost appealing to children and people who are a bit short of cash. They are pocket money prices.”
    Anyone who is suspicious about alcohol products should contact consumer direct on 08454 040506.

    Suspicious signs

    You can check for fake alcohol, as the bottles will often have the following features:
    • Misspellings on labels
    • Labels glued on at odd angles
    • Unusual prices of origin, such as vodka from Italy
    •Printed labels without holograms
    • Barcodes that read 1234567890
    • Labels that carry no details of the manufacturer or producer
    • Very cheap price tags

    I'm surprised that so far this seems to have been dealt with by a fine in one case. I would have thought that deliberate poisoning of customers would warrant a custodial sentence. Still, the hapless shopkeeper might get some very angry 'feedback' from customers he has sold these dangerous good to.
  3. Smeg
    The agencies that have correctly warned people about being harmed by this brazen, and ruthless adulteration have done a bloodywell marvellous job.

    I was imagining if the same duty of safety, and quality control, were to be extended to other (presently illegal) substances how much more morally ethical a world we'd have. I'm aware that I'm largely preaching to the converted here, but am also thinking about lives saved, and enjoyment safely enhanced.
  4. Mindless
    An intelligent and novel reply from Smeg. By prohibiting substances that there is demand for a lot of lives are lost. I hope that our legislators will recognise the harm being done to individuals and societies by prohibition.
  5. madscientistgirly
    Horrible, I shudder to think of the consequences of those unwittingly consuming methanol and other dangerous substances from the misrepresented and adulterated products. I hope those who participated in the manufacture and distribution of these are brought to justice. I had no idea there was even a counterfeit industry for ethanol.
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