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New Zealand visitors welcomed by cocaine ad

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Tourists to New Zealand often go looking for pure, white powder, but not the kind advertised in a magazine for visitors arriving at Auckland Airport.

    Tourists to New Zealand often go looking for pure, white powder, but not the kind advertised in a magazine for visitors arriving at Auckland Airport.

    Publishers of Arrival magazine have been left red-faced after 100,000 copies of the magazine were distributed featuring an advertisement depicting a man using cocaine.

    Publisher People Media has since withdrawn all copies from circulation. Managing director Mike Taillie told New Zealand's 3 News the ad got through without him seeing it.

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    “It came through six hours before printing. The first time I saw it was in the magazine itself,” he said.

    The company said it was spending thousands to individually rip the ad out of every copy.

    The advertisement, which shows a mountain range below an image of a man with a pile of white powder, wearing a shirt that reads 'Cocaine', was for Wicked Campers.

    The campervan rental company has previously raised the ire of Queensland Premier Anna Bligh over the slogans its vehicles feature. In 2008, Bligh complained to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) over the slogans. The ASB ordered two slogans be removed.

    Most recently, the ASB in March banned another Wicked Campers ad featuring the slogan "Kangaroo's (sic). Run the f---ers down!".

    May 16, 2011



  1. benzup!
    wicked campers hahaha. those guys are nuts! some of their campervans are totally amazing though. you hire them out, go travelling and they're completely pimped out. the funny thing is, i would have half expected you could get away with this in new zealand. they can find just about anything amusing over there!
  2. reformer
    Haven't tried fresh, mountaintop "snow" in 24 years, and most definitely wouldn't even if available, but any country which HAD allowed the ad would have gotten my international tourist dollars, for sure.

    And as such as this speaks to more than the availaibility of coke... it speaks to permissive, non-intrusive attitudes in general.

    And from I understand about NZ's growing obesity epidemic, they oughta plume some blow to the general populance- It might inspire the sorry sad saps to take a tip from their neighbor and walkabout more often.
  3. Miss Match
    Tis True!

    ... I can't help but think of all the poor backpackers that would have gotten all excited seeing this only to be disappointed when they find out how rare, expensive and crap the cocaine here is. :laugh:
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