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By Triple7 · Mar 8, 2007 ·
  1. Triple7
    Nation wide bees, bee fellows and bee researches noticed that there are bees missing in action (BMIA). The bee researches are puzzled and fear that this BMIA problem will cause an economical catastrophe for the whole nation. Sources say that 24 states reported that more than half of the bee population just disappeared. In some states it is reported over 80% BMIA. Some hives are totally cleaned out of bees. Nobody knows where they are or what happened to the bees. Some (in line with D. Icke) fears it is some abduction by evil aliens from the Bee Unfriendliness to Stop Hives (BUSH) administration causing all BMIA. Some others think it might be they fled in hush to Canada to pollinate the hemp fields since the heavy intensive google infesting was started by the Corruption Intensifying Association (CIA). There are speculations that the CIA once again are involved in research in the biological warfare programme Hives Into Vain (HIV) where the experiment in field once again went amok. It is known that the Sect of War And Terrorism (SWAT) raids in overkilling hoards tiny defenceless bees in their hives for the sake to confiscate 5 dollars worth of pollen rocks and put fellow bees in life imprisonment. The administration of BUSH horrays in victory under the parole "No more bee wax more ear wax". Wax is usually legally administered to children who cannot sit still.

    It is clear that bees are needed for pollination in national agriculture. One bee citizen, who stresses that he likes to stay anonymous, claims that "This BMIA is caused by the war on bees" and former bee intelligence officer says "When the BUSH administration will find out that their secret actions led to national economical catastrophe, then they will blame that it was a terrorist act by the Bee Ladens that caused the BMIA with following environmental and economical catastrophe". He further stressed "They will skillfully lure their nation of cattle and all their fellow nations of cattle to believe this is another 911".

    - DOx news. News that are served to see and bee.

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