News: Few parents aware of drug du jour 'Special K'

By Euphoric · Nov 7, 2007 · Updated Nov 7, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric

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  1. Lehendakari
    They get ketamine online from Mexico and Europe? This teens know how to use the internet.
  2. Lettish
    My friend wants to know if Ket is a fairly new up-and-coming drug or not? Is it as old as MDMA, which was used years and years ago. How does Ket compare in age?
  3. rocksmokinmachine
    Ketamine was always a particularly rare recreational substance on the dance scene when MDMA first made its appearance. It has been used (by small underground groups) for quite a few years. It has only really become popular as a club drug (along with GHB) over the past 2-3 years. It was never really common to find ketamine on offer in a nightclub on a saturday night.

    It HAS been available for a number a decades, but definately nowhere near as available as it is now.
  4. Perception Addict
    Ketamine was created in 1962 while trying to find safer alternatives to PCP for anesthetic purposes, according to wikipedia and a book swim has. In the late 70's John Lilly and Marcia Moore helped make its recreational use known to the public through their books, and I believe it took off from there. However, it is believed that there was recreational use even in the late 60's.

    MDMA gained popularity in the 70's as a theraputic tool, and I assume its recreational effects were discovered not long after. It was first synthesized long before then, though. Apparently the first patent was granted in 1912 but there wasn't much hype about it at the time. (this from wikipedia too).

    EDIT: sorry rocksmokinmachine, we sent at the same time!
  5. Lettish
    My friend apologises, as he could have researched this on his own, however he says that sometimes is better coming from an up-to-date source.
  6. arman
    yes, few parents are aware.

    this is complete bullshit! it just knocks someone out, nothing dangerous to be worried about (to call 911), it is safe up to several times the recreational dosage. the recreational dose is a lot lower than medical dosage used in anesthesia which even in that dosage considered safer than most anesthetics.
  7. Zaprenz
    Being "knocked out" in public does have MANY potential problems. It's also exponentially more dangerous (esp respiratory depression) when mixed with other drugs (inc alcohol) - these problems (although preventable to some extent) should not be glossed over as though they don't exist.
  8. Senor Gribson
    how could doctors have they been using ketamine for this long and still know next to nothing about its long term effects? not only that, but one of "the few studies that have been conducted" says that it causes "severe bladder and kidney damage"!
    i think i just lost all faith in the medical system.
  9. Euphoric
    If anyone found someone passed out, whether or not they found a mysterious white powder beside them, medical attention should be sought as the finder wouldn't know it was K and as Zaprenz mentioned, they don't know if other dangerous substances were used in combination.
  10. Shiacmkmleer
    you guys have over looked something! This article actually admits that kids will be kids and do drugs!
    OH NOES! this article promotes safe drugs use thats not acceptable! :p

    That being said a lot of sheeple parents just read something that promotes safe drug use... which is a small win for us (a really small one but hey I'll take what I can get)
  11. radiometer
    Not to single your post out, but this sort of statement, also made in the original article, frankly leaves me scratching my head. Ketamine was EVERYWHERE in the rave and nightclub scenes in the northeastern US as far back as the early 90s. In fact, as scenesters and DJ's, my friends and I used to talk frequently about how widespread ketamine abuse was "wrecking the scene" or whatever as early as 1994 or so. In the NYC nightclubs there were often lines of people waiting their turn to do business with the K dealer.
  12. rocksmokinmachine
    I don't know anything about the scene in The States, infact I've never even been. I was talking about the European scene and particularly the UK underground era and the start of acid house.
  13. enquirewithin
    This article is full of half-truths. Not taken too often, not much tolerance builds up at at all. One of the reasons for ketamine being popular as an anesthetic is that it doesn't stop breathing. Short term psychosis? You could say that about almost any drug. What a lot of misinformation!
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