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Nigerian man held with heroin in Guwahati

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Nigerian held with heroin in Guwahati
    TNN 13 September 2009, 07:21am IST

    GUWAHATI: Custom sleuths on Saturday caught a Nigerian national with heroine worth about Rs 1 crore from Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi
    International airport here.

    Customs officials said Dike (30), a drug peddler, was arrested at the airport with a little over 500 gm of heroin when he was about to board a flight of a private airline to Delhi.

    Acting on a tip-off, Customs sleuths launched a manhunt and detained the Nigerian with the help of CISF personnel. "Based on our intelligence inputs, we intercepted the man and seized heroin hidden in some buttons of women's garments. He had come to Guwahati a few days ago and was returning to Delhi with the drugs. We are interrogating him," said a Customs official.

    Custom officials suspect his links with international drug trafficking racket active in the North-East. Sources said the Nigerian might have collected the heroin from North-East based drug suppliers for smuggling it out of the country.

    According to intelligence agencies, drugs like heroin and morphine are smuggled in through the Indo-Myanmarese border in Manipur and are smuggled out via Guwahati. NCB officials said Guwahati has turned into a transit route for international drug smugglers.The route came to the fore when CID officials in May arrested two persons with 2 kg of morphine while they were on their way to hand the stuff over to a drug supplier in Guwahati. The arrested persons Sweet Hussain and Mohammad Amu said they had brought the drugs from Imphal.



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