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Night club drug could ease depression-scientists

By lexifer · May 2, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer



  1. fnord
    Now that the medical industry has a use for this maybe we will see some work done on there part to relax the legal status of ketimine.
  2. Paracelsus
  3. ihavequestions
    the only problem swim see's with K as use for depression would be its potential to olneys lesions.

    swim doesnt know how solid the medical findings of this is. but if its true that could be a whole problm in itself. it would be getting rid of one problem for another one.

    swim used to have bad depression causing feelings of depersonalization which seriousely sucked. its a horrible feeling. he doesnt know if he would ever use K specifialy for those detached feelings.
  4. RaverHippie
    The doses necessary for anti-depression are much smaller than recreational doses, and also they talk about a ketamine like drug, not necessarily ketamine, to be the final drug treatment. So it could eliminate the olney's lesion possibility, and no detachment would be felt.
  5. ihavequestions
    thats good. swim has been tapering off zoloft. he's sure that K or related substances at smaller doses are probably safer that those SSRI's. luckily his withdrawals arent bad. mild to none actualy. but there fnding more and more things that are bad with the SSRI class. they are some nasty stuff
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