Nine new legal highs replace banned drugs

By Terrapinzflyer · Jun 3, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Nine new legal highs replace banned drugs
    NINE new legal highs are being sold in head shops, replacing drugs banned by the Government last month.

    Pharmacists working for the HSE said they were now dealing with "a bit of a minefield", with not only new products emerging, but a range of other compounds available on the internet.

    Experts have warned users they are like "walking guinea pigs" and the effects of the drugs are unknown.

    Dr Pierce Kavanagh, a chemist in Trinity College Dublin, said his research had identified nine new substances in products bought from head shops since the Government’s May 11 ban.

    "What we are encountering now is a bit of a minefield," said Dr Kavanagh, based in TCD’s Department of Pharmacology. "Not only are there new products for sale commercially, there are loads of other compounds out there, the next generation, which are available wholesale on the internet."

    The new drugs had been identified, tentatively, after chemical analysis. They include six new powders or bath salts and three capsules/tablets or party pills:

    * Pure NRG: a powder, containing naphyrone, a stimulant drug replacing now banned mephedrone.

    * White Columbia: a powder, containing ethcathinone, a derivative of stimulant drugs called cathinones, some of which were banned in May.

    * Raz: a powder, containing lignocaine, a local anaesthetic often used as a cocaine substitute.

    * Energy: a capsule, containing dimethylamylamine (DMAA), a stimulant replacing banned BZP.

    * Entropy: a capsule, containing glaucine, a relaxant with hallucinogenic effects.

    * Amplified: a powder, containing dimethocaine, a local anaesthetic with stimulant properties similar to cocaine. Also sold as Mind Melt.

    * Go-E: a tablet, containing DMAA and other substances.

    * Star Dust: a powder, containing fluorotropacocaine, a cocaine substitute and local anaesthetic.

    * Sn*berry: a powder, containing caffeine.

    There were predictions when Britain was banning mephedrone, one the most popular bath salts, that naphyrone would replace it.

    Some head shops here are now promoting it as the "new party powder", although, like other bath salts, it’s labelled not for human consumption.

    Dr John Cryan, a pharmacologist at the School of Pharmacy in University College Cork, said very little was known about the effects of the drugs on the body. "From the limited knowledge from international literature, they have properties similar to amphetamine and cocaine. Compounds like naphyrone are potentially very dangerous. I would have huge cause for concern.

    "People are taking their life in their own hands, but people are still willing to take these drugs. Really they are walking guinea pigs."

    By Cormac O’Keeffe
    THURSDAY, JUNE 03, 2010

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  1. enquirewithin
    There is not much on that list that would make my horse feel very frisky!
  2. SullyGuy
    So... free advertising for drugs in a newspaper?
  3. slugmandrew
    Perhaps add Synthacaine, Dimethocaine, Blue-E and Dust to that list!?

    This situation really is fucked up. When will the government realise that a) people are going to take drugs, they always have, b) the drugs they want to sell us (caffeine, alcohol, tobacco) are not right for everyone, and c) they are making people walk into this "minefield" by banning things like mephedrone when going against the advice of the ACMD. Ridiculous.
  4. Simplepowa
    I love this battle

    Stupid government VS chemist who make a living from creating new substances.

    Chemist are winning greatly!
  5. misetusa
    SWIM is disapointed that there are no new smoke substitutes available- however, SWIM feels that it's best to smoke the real thing, as the effects are well researched & documented- SWIM was never into these crazy pills that made him go wild, he was always happier with a relaxing smoke, film and a beer, however, SWIM is greatly happy to see a big thorn in the side of the corrupt Irish government: just one thing, SWIM believes they should have waited til the Dáil goes on it's summer break before lashing out new substances, as the government is planning it's new draconian legislation that basically nullifies fundamental principles of the law
  6. Insomniacsdream
    If you can call putting every bodies health at risk with untested chemicals a win. Personally i think everybody is loosing now so the government should just legalise cocaine and weed as its long term effects (coke not the weed) are probably less bad then most other stimulants. Sounds like a bad idea to some but I bet if it was legalised we would have no more crack addicts, no more random chemicals which are more dangerous but less fun and probably far less hard drug users as cocaine would be available.
  7. Terrapinzflyer

    and the users are loosing greatly. By and large the "chemists" only motivation is to avoid laws, rather then provide a more interesting or useful substance. By and large they are not doing anything new, just trolling the existing literature for something not yet illegal.

    The world needs another Shulgin....
  8. Simplepowa
    I was saying that only to show that drugs need to be legalized.

    And yes, the world really needs a second Shulgin. He was testing his own drugs and only publishing the ones he was seeing was safe and/or who don't have a too high degree of abuse potential.

    This man is a real hero. He wasn't thinking with money, he was acting with his hearth.
  9. platitude
    Yes, but this sends a message: for every substance you ban, chemists will create 10 more. Thats winning. Of course the new substances will be, in most cases, worst that the known ones and the user looses because of that, but in the path to legalization every battle counts and this is a battle about prohibition vs creativity. Prohibitionists can only destroy what others create and that forces them to always be a step behind. As this cat and mouse game goes further and further, new and more dangerous substances emerge to satisfy the consumers' need to explore different states of mind. One day, the battle will end and there will be no more prohibitions or we will all die poisoned.
    As swim said, this is just another battle front of an old disgusting war, and the fact that prohibition transforms people in guinea pigs is another valid argument in the fight for the legalization of drugs use.
    At the end of the day, no one forces anyone to buy anything, and with time we will get to the point where people will have to make a choice: respect authority and obey the law vs being healthy
  10. alienfetus
    Further proof that the war on drugs is crap. The people want to be free to put whatever they want in their own bodies.
  11. Alfa
    Nice to see the first analysis of NRG-1

    I really doubt that. I think they just didnt find the real active ingredient.
  12. malsat
    ^^ I thought Raz was supposed to be useless? The claim would fit in that case.
  13. crankalot
    so is nrg-1 actually naphyrone?or the authorities are just playin vendors stupid game
  14. Alfa
    NRG-1 can be anything, its a fantasy drug. But most of the times is MDPV. Naphyrone has been found in NRG-1 on one occasion. Many other samples where analysed and MDPV and other controlled substances where found then. Its possible but unlikely to find Naphyrone in NRG-1.
  15. Terrapinzflyer

    according to the analysis of legal highs in Ireland conducted in june/july this year ( file in ARCHIVES ) RAZ contains Caffeine, Lignocaine, and Levodopa

    Of course- even the lab analysis needs to be taken with a grain of salt due to the constantly changing and multiple formulations of so many of these "legal high" branded products
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