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Nineteen-Year-Old Drug Baron Excretes Cocaine in Detention

  1. buseman
    Port Harcourt — Two weeks after he was arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Port Harcourt International Airport, nineteen year-old Egede Lucky has reportedly excreted 39 wraps of substance believed to be cocaine while in detention.

    The suspected drug trafficker, who was arrested during the outward clearance of Air France AF3031 flight to Paris had, upon his arrest, excreted 962 grammes of the substance concealed in 71 wraps.

    According to the Commander of the NDLEA at the Port Harcourt Airport, Mr. Julius Bawa Parah, Egede would be charged to Court this week.

    Parah said the total weight of the substance excreted by Lucky so far was 1.10kilogrammes. He added that the legal unit of the agency had concluded arrangement to prosecute the suspect.

    The NDLEA boss said that the suspect was still in his agency's custody to enable the anti-narcotic body ensure that nothing was left in his system since he did not know the actual number of wraps of the substance he swallowed.

    The suspect with Nigerian International Passport number A331019 and an Italian residence permit IT A98988A, arrived the country from Italy on May 25 this year, but was apprehended on June 10 with the substance believed to be cocaine on his way back to Italy.

    21 June 2010


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