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  1. dyingtomorrow
    Melodic melodies touched with female vocal melancholy, and a whole lot of harmony
    Electronic synthesizer sounds, rapid fire slow or deep the drum channels pound pound pound
    Yearning burning jumping turning kicking dancing prancing romancing

    Revelers reaching at gem studded skies feeling free, minds tap into universal systems of connectivity as bodies float through rainbow star swirl seas. Midnight fields celebrating secretly, seeking higher levels of positivity aided by benevolent chemical ecstasy, communing in the name of peace love and unity. Respect comes naturally, new friends speedily, hugs, drugs, candy and back rubs, all given freely. Glowing gifts for cuties and the needy, accessories exchanged frequently.

    Every soul asking, why can't this be reality? This fleeting time where we love, and are loved, unconditionally.


  1. SpatialReason
    And then we wake up the next morning, moaning and scorning... "why did I do so much f*cking ecstasy?" ... and realize the ugliest bitch I have ever seen is sleeping right next to me...

    That is my reality. ;)
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