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  1. Alfa

    A large alcoholic drinks manufacturer in the Czech Republic has
    launched a marijuana-flavoured liquor, the company announced on Friday.

    The new vodka does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the
    active substance in marijuana, but does have an alcohol level of 16
    percent, said Jiri Janak, the head of liquor production at Drinks Union.

    "We produce it from hemp, but there is no THC in it," Janak

    He added he had received no complaints from anti-drug

    He said the flavoured vodka is sold mostly in large supermarket chains
    and in some restaurants.

    A 0.5-litre bottle sells for about 85 koruna (about R20).


  1. searcher
    Hemp flavored vodka. hmm. I like vodka with no taste so I can add some orange juice to it, or make bloody marys. Hemp flavored vodks sounds like a novelty. I wonder if it smells and tastes like a "newly mowed lawn".
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