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  1. chillinwill
    An Orlando-based group is trying to put a constitutional amendment on Florida ballots in 2010 to legalize medical marijuana, but so far, no petitions have been filed, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

    The medical-marijuana amendment needs 67,683 petitions to reach the Attorney General’s Office for review and 676,811 petitions to reach the ballot.

    Jennifer Davis, a spokeswoman for the Division of Elections, said it may be unlikely that the group, People for Medical Marijuana, will be able to collect enough petitions to make the ballot.

    “That would be fairly difficult to do between now and Feb. 1,” she said, referencing the deadline to get petitions submitted for the general election.

    There’s a step-by-step process involved before any constitutional amendment can be put on the ballot, she said. If it makes it to the Attorney General’s Office for review, it could then go on to the Florida Supreme Court for approval.

    No one from the People for Medical Marijuana could be reached for comment.

    Amy Ronshausen, manager of congressional and legislative affairs for Drug Free America, said the ballot measure is “very dangerous” since it doesn’t give details on the quantity allowed or where it would be grown.

    “I personally don’t want a pot shop in my neighborhood,” she said.

    The use of medical marijuana has been made legal in 13 states.

    By TaMaryn Waters
    August 2, 2009


  1. Alfa
    Re: No petitions submitted so far on Florida ballot that would allow medical marijuan

    680.000 signatures to be collected in Florida before February 2010. That surely is possible, if enough people start on this project now. There are 18 million people in Florida. If you are in Florida, then contact:

    People United For Medical Marijuana, Orlando (note that the article mentions the wrong name)

    Here is a list of the state chapters. If your area is not listed and you would like to be a leader in your community, please email them at info@pufmm.org.

    Orlando Chapter: Josh Giesegh, Campaign Coordinator 727-735-8270
    Seminole County Chapter: Scott Dart, Campaign Coordinator 407-252-2332
    Palm Beach County Chapter: Michael Minardi, PUFMM Patient Attorney 954-729-9680 michael@minardilaw.com
    Sarasota Chapter: Chris Akal 941-356-7235 Chrisakal2nd@gmail.com
    St. Petersburg Chapter: Shaun Feld 727-515-9264
    Clearwater Chapter: Nico Guillermo 727-474-1310
    South Broward/North Dade Chapter: Karen Goldstein 954-303-9254
    Daytona Chapter: Aaron Harris 321-946-0042 harrissphotog@gmail.com
    Cocoa Beach Chapter: Peaches Mundhenk 321-459-1197
    Tallahasee Chapter: John Porgal 850-251-1616.
    Lee and Collier Chapter: Pam Dunham 239-273-2658
    Jacksonville Chapter: Sean 904-497-9051
    Gainesville Chapter: Nick Horner 813-390-2575 ndhorner@gmail.com
    Hernando and Pasco Chapter: Trent Godizzaro 352-556-2366

    The founder, Kim Russell, is available at 407-405-0110. The first point of contact for volunteers and information requests should be one of the above Chapters. Kim handles matters such as press interviews, large donations, and coordination between the chapters.
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