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No sob stories here please

A little light hearted tale of one girls unfortunate miss rate and attempt to come off the big H.
  1. moorie
    I don't mean to be unkind but I read some of the new member posts and they made me feel worse than before I started! I know people are here for support but jeez cry me a river!
    I joined after coming to the site for education and help over the years and find the practical advice in here really good especially to do with harm reduction.
    Well I have been a tit and only gone and bloody missed when shooting up tonight haven't I! Doh! I have super thin annoying girl veins but have gotten pretty good at not missing lately after numerous misses and an abcese. Sorry I'm dyslexic and I'm pretty sure absece is not spelt like that. Oh OK absece it seems to like that spelling! Ouch ouch ouch it hurts and I could have sworn it was in when I shot. Oh well just going to look after it. Last time I did this and it started to look infected I squeezed the puss out, ran it under water, applied a plaster to draw out any infection and repeated for a few days. It worked very well. No need for medical intervention. Time before missed in my hand when in a hurry as needed to shoot at a family dinner to avoid withdrawal. Ended up infected and on antibiotics and time before full on absece, hospital admission and operation. Not much fun when juggling a full time heroin addiction.
    What I learned from all my mistermeaners is if in doubt don't shoot. Try try again. Only attempt to shoot up when your warm and your veins have come out to play. Use fresh pins every time. Don't judge others. I've read some bloody horrible judgemental shiz on this site having a 'dig' mind the pun, at those unfortunate enough to miss 'you shouldn't be injecting if you don't know how' blah blah! Keep your jumped up unhelpful opinions to yourself. Advice and help only pleeeeeeease. Ta.
    I'm currently trying to get clean. No need for the tiny violins. I wanted to keep my writings light hearted for other readers as I sure as hell need to smile right now and I'm sure others feel the same. Not here to air my dirty laundry which consists of my sweaty onesie I've spent 2 days rattling in! Nice! So on day 2 I caved and belled my dealer for a half G. In the last week I've managed 12 hours then 16 hours then 36 hours! 36 was impressive I think. Though I'm pretty down about caving but hey ho as I said no sobs. Please wish me luck for my next attempt! I'm going for it. If I can do 48 hours I think I'm almost there. Yes let's aim for 48 hours. I have a few subatex to help me so let's do this! !!
    Thanks for reading ☺

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  1. synapticsnax
    "could not have said it better myself"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 10, 2017
    everything this woman's fix is the truth


  1. detoxin momma
    i wish you luck....keep moving forward, stay positive, stay strong, and all that good stuff.

    good luck, you can do it!
  2. Kerry Hatswell
    Sorry man i have to say it, you just wrote what ya giving other people shit for writing, we all have a story & as we"ve all
    had an addiction at some time our stories are pretty much the same but in saying that i hope u do well with quittin, it may not feel like it but its the best thing you couls do, it brings nothing but pain & grief & wasted life....
  3. nomoremommyfood
    Just a thought - I agree that this post read as a bit codescending and (ironically) judgemental. However, I originally read the opening on a more "if I could turn back time" note...sans Cher!

    I could definitely be wrong but seeing one's younger, pre-addict self is a possible alternate reading. In the end, it's not clear what "sob story" means, whether upset at personal mistakes, complaining about other people whining, or simply stating that her story is the same as many others and perhaps doesn't need the same emotional support.

    I hope I'm not harping on what might just be unclear writing. But I think members may be more apt to help if a) we know if the "sob story" title was a description of the author's mindset, and can tailor our approach, b) we know we're not getting into a situation that intentionally mocks other addicts.

    A little clarification would go a long way...and congrats of racking up a few sober days, too! Even two days - which sounds like nothing to the general public - is a LOT for an addict!
  4. Lauritachu
    Wow.. In a weird way your story was a bit inspirational to me. I viewed it more as kind of a "time for the whining to stop and for me to pull myself up by the bootstrings" kind of spiel. I also thought it was sassy and not in any light condescending. We all deal in different ways. And it sounds to me you just dont want to allow yourself excuses right now. That state of mind is an incredible strength, hope you can hang on to it! I cant help but ask though, the hand abcess... big ouchee?
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