Norfolk teenager ate 100 magic mushrooms [UK]

By chillinwill · Nov 1, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A teenager took 100 magic mushrooms as he sat by a Norfolk riverbank and then crashed through the window of a house boat, a court heard today.

    Charles Blake was so high after taking so many of the hallucinatory fungi that he could have easily fallen into the River Thurne and drowned instead of crashing through the houseboat in Martham.

    Blake was ordered to pay £322.82 compensation to the boat owner after he admitted causing criminal damage on the evening of October 9.

    Yarmouth Magistrates' Court heard the 19-year-old had boiled and eaten the magic mushrooms in the space of 30 minutes while he sat on the riverbank near the Martham Boat Company.

    Gary Mayle, prosecuting, said that at about 6.20pm some fisherman heard a loud crash and then saw Blake in a confused state with blood pouring from his feet.

    Mr Mayle said: “He was wearing just his jeans. He was acting in a somewhat odd manner. He screamed and shouted that 'I was going to die'.”

    The fishermen then discovered that Blake, of Rollesby Road, Martham, had suffered his feet injuries after he had fallen through the window of the boat house - leaving the interior of the craft covered in blood.

    Because of the paranoid effects of the magic mushrooms Blake was convinced he was being followed along the riverbank.

    Mr Mayle said: “In a reckless moment he had smashed through the window of a houseboat nearby. He had no specific recollection of the incident. He was under the influence of magic mushrooms.”

    Magistrates were told that Blake, who is blind in one eye, had three previous convictions for criminal damage and is on benefits.

    Annette Hall, representing Blake, said: “He accepts through his stupidity in taking the magic mushrooms that he has actually caused this offence.

    “A very, very foolish thing to do and one he bitterly regrets.”

    Chair of the bench Ken Barnes, sentencing Blake, said: “You could have lost your life that night. We are told you have learnt something from this. I hope so.”

    Blake, who has a two-year-old daughter, was ordered to pay £322.82 compensation but no order for prosecution costs was made because of his financial situation.

    28 October 2008 12:35
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  1. 3rd_high
  2. curious1
    Hey we can make this story not news worthy by changing 3 words!

    "Charles Blake was so DRUNK after DRINKING so many of BEERS that he could have easily fallen into the River Thurne and drowned instead of crashing through the houseboat in Martham."

    oh wait those stories don't really sell do they...
  3. purplehaze
    I'm gonna first admit that I'm not the most knowledgable when it comes to mushroom doses. But it would stand to reason that some of the active ingredients were destroyed or this person would have died from an overdose.
  4. ThirdEyeFloond
    Dying from an overdose of psilocybin mushrooms, boiled or not, is difficult indeed. The article doesn't state which particular strain of 'magic mushrooms' it was, but SWIM is guessing P. semilanceate where 100 fresh mushrooms would equal about 3-4g dried - still a strong trip though. The official dutch Paddo risk assesment report concluded that one would have to eat approximately ones own weight in fresh mushrooms to OD.
  5. rocksmokinmachine
    Probably psilocybe semilanceata, SWIM has seen (recently infact) these sold by the hundred for extremely cheap prices. At an estimate 2-3g dry.

    I think the media here have sensationalised the story, "100 magic mushrooms" sounds like a ridiculous amount when infact it was probably only a medium/strong dose.
  6. Micklemouse
    100 Liberty Caps in a brew would indeed provoke a reasonably strong trip, especially on an empty stomach & so long as the brew was not boiled to death. Let's put it this way, you wouldn't want to be piloting a boat! Allegedly...
  7. Routemaster Flash
    There's an important message in this story - something along the lines of "Try not to be an utter dick".
  8. Alfa
    There is a much more important message in this story:

    Consumption of magic mushrooms is not punishable itself. The man received no punishment other than that he had to pay for damages to the boat.

    Secondary; on first sight it seems like this another mentally troubled person trying to commit suicide by jumping from heights while under the influence of magic mushrooms. There have been two cases in Holland where depressed and already suicidal persons committed suicide while under the influence of magic mushrooms.
  9. Routemaster Flash
    Well mentally ill people should stay away from drugs in general, except prescribed medications (and even then, there are plenty of cases where that does more harm than good :().

    Also, I'm not sure you're right about the legal aspect here: surely to have taken the mushrooms, he must have 'possessed' them in between picking them and eating them? I mean, if a copper had been there at the time and seen the guy picking them and putting in his mouth, he'd have arrested him for possession of a Class A controlled substance, right? The fact the he wasn't prosecuted for it in this case isn't proof that he hadn't broken the law, they may have just decided not to prosecute and concentrate in the damage he caused instead. Maybe it's to do with the amount of evidence needed to prove someone was taking a drug?
  10. rocksmokinmachine
    Where as it is not illegal to have mushrooms in your system, it is to possess them. If the lad had eaten them, there's nothing law enforcement could have done. After all it is not illegal to be under the influence.

    I think the media was trying to highlight the fact that the fact that the teenager caused damage while under the influence, rather than simply possesing them.
  11. FrankenChrist
    Now that would have been a funny story. Now it's just negative media attention.
  12. Routemaster Flash

    Yeah, but my point is, if you're standing there with mushrooms in your hand - a second after picking them and a second before putting them in your mouth - then you are in possession of an illegal drug, aren't you? You can't magically teleport a bunch of fruiting bodies from a field somewhere into your stomach (though you might *think* you can, if they're really good :)).

    Also, I heard some MPs are pushing for a change in the law that would make it illegal to be under the influence of illegal drugs, independently of being in possession of them. :thumbsdown:
  13. Zentaurus41
    100 liberty caps is not alot, swim used to have brews of up to 400 between 2 people.
    The effects of boiling them in waters dosent effect the trip in anyway.
    Though liberty caps are stong so if swim never had em before start of on a low dose.
    I just think the guy was inexperienced and lost it.
  14. Pondlife
    If you have any details on this, please post them. This would be an interesting development if true.
  15. Routemaster Flash
    Sure, I'll have a look and post up anything relevant I can find.
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