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Northcote Primary School served fake cocaine at annual fundraising ball

  1. aemetha
    Racy photos of parents playing with fake cocaine have surfaced from an Auckland primary school ball.

    Northcote Primary School held its annual fundraising ball on September 3 with a Las Vegas theme.

    Board chair Andrew Fox admitted that fake cocaine was used as a prop and said the school regretted this decision in hindsight. "It was a satirical Las Vegas theme and yes there was a prop that was made to look like cocaine. "In hindsight we agree this wasn't appropriate."

    The cocaine, which was actually icing sugar, was displayed on mirrors with shavers to scrape the powder into lines.

    An anonymous source said there were numerous photos on social media of parents pretending to snort cocaine, including photos posted by teachers of the school. "This school has parents who are ministers of the current government, are health professionals, teachers, lawyers, police and so on," the source said.

    Fox said the school had held a fundraising ball every year for the last seven years. It had never received a complaint regarding inappropriate props before and the event normally raised upwards of $20,000. "It's a themed ball, parents only, R18. "This year it was 'Vegas baby'."

    The school had received two complaints after the event. Fox said both parents had been apologised to. The event also featured Marilyn Monroe jumping out of a fake cake to MC the ball.

    5 September 2016
    The New Zealand Herald


  1. aemetha
    'I did not snort fake coke' - Health Minister

    [IMGL="white"]https://drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=52130&stc=1&d=1473122741[/IMGL]The Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says he did not snort, or pretend to snort, fake cocaine at a primary school fundraiser at the weekend.

    Mr Coleman says he attended the Las Vegas-themed fundraiser for Northcote Primary School at the weekend because his children go to the school.

    But Dr Coleman said he was unaware there was fake cocaine at the fundraiser - believed to be icing sugar - or that parents were playing with it.

    He was asked today if he had snorted, or pretended to snort, the fake cocaine.

    "'Course I didn't. I didn't even know it was there, until I heard it was in the media yesterday. It's a small detail. Look, honestly, this is such a beat-up."

    Mr Coleman said $30,000 was raised for the school.

    One parent who was at the fundraiser told RNZ there were several fake cocaine props at the party and thought everyone there would have been aware of them.

    6 September 2016
    Benedict Collins
    Radio New Zealand
    Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King
  2. malsat
    Does american kindergarten really last all the way up until kids are like 11 or 12? Primary school over here is ~4-12 years old. I always thought kindergarten was like pre-school, daycare for kids under 4 or 5. Unless NZ primary is different to our primary.
  3. aemetha
    It's not quite the same. In New Zealand Kindergarten is from 3-4 years and primary is from 5-10. In the states Kindergarten is from 5 or 6 and lasts one year, though this varies. The systems are too different so I just included that note as a quick reference for what age students would be at a primary school for people in the US unfamiliar with our system.
  4. malsat
    So what do they call what comes between kindergarten and high school? Just...school?
  5. DeepGreenSea
    Kindergarten can be half or whole days and usually starts at ages 4/5 years.
    Elementary school is from 1st to 5/6th grade (5 years to 10 or 11 years)
    Then Middle School or Junior High School is from 6/7th grade to 8/9th grade (10/11 to 13/14)
    Then High school is from 9/10th grade until graduation at 12th grade (generally at 18 but can be earlier depending on your birthday. I was 17.)

    Strange that with so many other things standardize across the Western World we have not made more of an effort with mandatory education structure!
  6. aemetha
    In New Zealand Kindergarten is from 3-4, Primary from 5-10, Intermediate from 11-12, College from 13-17, and then what America calls College is called University.
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