Northern Ireland: Teenager 'killed by party drugs'

By Pondlife · Oct 8, 2007 · ·
  1. Pondlife

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  1. Sky Walker
    What a horrid little article. Taking "the" drug killed her eh, what fucking drug?
  2. tinytom
    ecstasy i think, pills in NI have been substandard for a while now IMO
  3. Sky Walker
    Exactly, THINK. No one knows, no one even knows for sure if she took any illegal drugs at all. It really could have been, just a heart attack, although not likely.
  4. Nature Boy
    Probably just a standard overdose or a dodgy pill. The joys of ignorance and prohibition.
  5. Alfa
    I wonder if this would be related to piperazines or other party pills.
  6. Mint boi
    ffs, how can a priest possibly feel right about putting all the guilt on to the person who gave her the drug? Assuming she took it willingly the blame is all hers. Wonder what it was?

    Edit: Presumably who ever gave her the drugs didn't know they would kill her
  7. Creeping Death
    It doesnt say anything about what type of drug it was or how much she took. Thats just stupid.
  8. Mint boi
  9. Zentaurus41
    swim wont stop munching on pills, but if you look at the statistics hardly anyone ever dies from MDMA, its just not a big killer and thoes that do die probably either have a weak heart or didnt look after them selfs when rolling.

    But for some reason its always big news, which is funny because if it was so dangerous we would be hearing about these deaths almost every week, but we dont.
  10. Mint boi
    or one could be unlucky enough to get a bad pill, unlikely as it is!
  11. Lunar Loops
    This is VERY true and it is the attitude of millions of people worldwide (hundreds of thousands every weekend in these very islands). People will not stop taking pills because of such deaths any more than they will stop taking them if the penalty for posession is increased. The demand will always be there.

    Legalise and regulate. It is the ONLY way forward, but what chance that?
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